Cold Verdict 2: All Achievements Walkthrough

A Walkthrough for all achievements.   Introduction 2 playthroughs are necessary. The 4 achievements, that aren’t mentioned in this guide, are awarded throughout the game regardless of your choices. Walkthrough Playthrough 1 – “Ok, I’ll try.” – “It’s possible, but let’s not give up.” – Ask all questions and then choose “(Finish asking questions)” – … Read more

Railbound: World 11 Walkthrough

Walk through guide for World 11 (Base levels and Bonus Levels)   Base Levels World 11 – 1 World 11 – 2 World 11 – 3 World 11 – 4 World 11 – 5 World 11 – 6 World 11 – 7 World 11 – 8 World 11 – 9 World 11 – 10 Bonus … Read more

Yujiro’s Mansion: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

is a simple game you can play only like 20-30minute or if you are speedrun can be like 5-10minute   World’s Strongest Creature go in Mansion and let him Caught you Unmatched Thief Collect All Of Yujiro’s Items so here the thing 1st floor has 3 items 2st floor has 7 items 3st floor has … Read more

Seven Nights Ghost: Walkthrough 100%

I am here to help the Lost souls that are lazy to find everything that is to know about the Seven Nights Ghost.   First Day: Confirmation of housing facilities In the first night you are tasked to check the housing facilities which is located at “the sink in the kitchen” “the lights inside the … Read more

Samurai Vandalism: All Routes Walkthrough

This guide features spoilers and covers the 3 main routes: – HOZUKI (ONIBI in OV) – BYAKUYA – RONIN It shows how to unlock the 3 routes, as well as some optional sub-missions and events. *This guide is currently being created and will be updated regularly until its final version.   Common Route – Chapter … Read more

To The Core: 100% Achievement Walkthrough

A complete guide for To The Core.   Intro THIS IS STILL WIP, I’ll finish it soon(TM) Welcome to my guide on To The Core. I enjoyed playing through the game and wanted to share what I knew since… there’s no other guides (At time of creation). The main objective of To The Core is … Read more

Slime Warrior: Full Walkthrough (All Levels Guide)

Here is a text walkthrough to allow you go through all levels 1-40 in Slime Warrior.   Intro Sokoban + Combat Elements Move with: U = UP D = DOWN L = LEFT R = RIGHT _ = SPACE In game: R = RETRY [Don’t use level select, it’s kinda broken] 1 – 10 1 UULLL LLLDL LDDD 2 DLDLD … Read more

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate – Walkthrough (Episodes 1-2)

An (Incomplete) walkthrough and achievement guide. Mainly for Episode 2, but a guide for 1 is linked. Episode 3 will follow   Roomisode 1 – Behind the Dangerdesque The Homestar Wiki already has a good write up for Roomisode 1. Check it out here[] I’d copy it here but I don’t think that’s allowed. Make … Read more

Return of the Host: Full Walkthrough

Here is a text walkthrough for the new game Return of the Host.   Intro Sokoban style game with a twist. Still unsure how to unlock: Quad Kill Kill four monsters in quick succession Pass the level without killing all creatures “True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to … Read more