THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a walkthrough with all achievements guide for the new game SQUARE ENIX AI Tech Preview: THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE. Note: this walkthrough is incomplete and will updated in near future!   Regarding Treshold 8800.00 With the current build (as of 04/23/2023) there’s a common bug in which none of your commands is … Read more

PARANORMASIGHT The Seven Mysteries of Honjo: 100% Walkthrough (No spoilers)

A complete guide to the game including how to get all achievements. Currently a work in progress. Spoilers will be avoided as much as possible.   Shogo Ookie – Prologue When you finally get control, examine the girl’s body to add her to your files. Examine the Surroundings and Telephone Booth for more files. Talk … Read more

In Sink A Co-Op Escape Prologue Walkthrough (Puzzles and Achievements Guide)

WARNING! This game does not feature saves. Dedicate enough time if you want to play it through to the end. A guide for the puzzle solutions and the missable achievement.   Room 1 Puzzle 1: Boy: input 334 Guy: input 215 How to solve: This number is found by looking at the cube and communicating … Read more

Birth: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

Following this guide should give you all achievements in the game. Spoiler Alert!!!   1. Prologue 1.1. Tutorial Drag the tape into the player. Press the white button on top. Drag the teapot above the cup to pour. Drag the slice of toast above the toaster. Pull down the button on toaster’s side. Customise your … Read more