Seven Nights Ghost: Walkthrough 100%

I am here to help the Lost souls that are lazy to find everything that is to know about the Seven Nights Ghost.


First Day: Confirmation of housing facilities

In the first night you are tasked to check the housing facilities which is located at

“the sink in the kitchen”

“the lights inside the bathroom” You have to go inside after turning it on

“the lights inside the restroom/washroom” You have to go inside

The seal is located right near the microwave in the kitchen it’s hard to miss really

Once everything is done it will ask you to find the remote since our ghost waifu is messing with the TV. “its located at the bottom right from where you’re facing the tv”

Day 2: Check inventory of my supplies

“The sellotape”
“The bandaid”
“The laundry Detergent”
The seal is located at the bathroom

Day 3: Hide the donut

“The bottom container”
“The Lid of the container”
“Wash the container”
“Alarm clock” (The distraction tool) and the seal

Day 4: Find substitutes for chopsticks

“Substitute A the toy sword ”
“Substitute B the hanger” and the seal
“pliers to cut the hanger”

Day 5: Repair the cat figurine

“Adhesive A”
“Adhesive B”
“the filing rod”
the seal is located behind the hand towel in the bathroom
The strats
Use your “Audio cues” to your advantage. Once you know that she changes position and looked at her from here new position u can file for about 10% before she spawn at the same place from then on file it for 1% then look at her last known position until she changes location again [Rinse and Repeat]

Day 6: Find”Time of rest” the most confusing one out of all.

“grab the sticky note on the table and use it on the boiler on the stove”
“Answer to the grid lines puzzle”
“location of the key” behind the door in the bathroom
“Answer to the Key note puzzle” refer to the one above and do it fast
Stop sign:Black box
Three lines:Three lines
Female Icon: F
“Answer to the 36 puzzle”
do this in order
5 3 – 7 2x
The seal is behind the door in the washroom

Day 7: Tell the truth

Stay in the middle of the living room and keep an eye and ear out for her spawn cues

Her spawn points

The seal is above the arc connecting the kitchen and the living room

Day 8: The afternoon

The seal is literally at the front door

The ending is different for if you collected the seal or not
since there is not puzzle I’m going to dump all my favorite images of her

Thanks to MuKosei for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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