Fear the Spotlight: Achievement Guide + Puzzle Solutions

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.   Overview Estimated difficulty: 2/10. Estimated 100% time: ~3-5 hours. Offline/online achievements: 20 offline / 0 online. Number of playthroughs: 1. Glitched achievements: None. Missable Achievements: 14. Every achievement that isn’t Story related. Story Related All of these achievements will … Read more

Wrestling Empire: How to Upload Characters to the Workshop

This guide will teach you step-by-step how to upload your custom-created characters.   Required Reading While it is not actually required I highly recommend reading the Workshop guide and documentation of WECCL before attempting to upload anything, and also just to be safe, make sure to backup your roster before doing any modding. Downloading the … Read more

Pool Cleaning Simulator: “Vroooom” Achievement Guide

A guide for earning the “Vroooom” achievement in Pool Cleaning Simulator   How to earn the “Vroooom” Achiement in Pool Cleaning Simulator I’ve been stuck on this achievement for quite a while and found out how to earn this achievement by joining the Discord server. The owner was kind enough to tell me how to … Read more

Power Champions: Character Empower, Cards and Ascension

Here is a guide for all cards in Power Champions.   Cards Cards are extremely important items that empower the champion. They are obtained in treasures found in farming maps (Ancient Stone, Way To the Gods, Dirty Lands, and IronLand). In addition to regular cards, there are Mythic Cards, which are acquired in special treasures … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077: AZERTY Binds for Update 2.0

Stops the game from preventing you to rebind keys to A, Q, Z and W on AZERTY keyboards.   Why CP2077 still isn’t friendly to alternative keyboard layouts, so here is a version of the configuration file `inputUserMappings.xml` with keys A/Q and Z/W swapped for Update 2.0. The game shouldn’t stop you from binding keys to A, Q, Z and … Read more

The First Descendant: Basic Guide to Viessa (All You Should Know)

Basic guide to the Cold-themed femme fatale of The First Descendant.   Overview “This could get messy!” Important: If you are looking simply for some advice go to the Tips, Tricks and Synergies part. Hopefully you find it helpful. Viessa is one of the eleven playable characters currently in the game. She also has an ultimate … Read more