Worm Nest Plague: Walkthrough and Tips

This guide will go through some simple tips and locations of characters and items. There will also be a simple walkthrough after the tips.   Intro and Game Mechanics In this game you play as two characters. The primary being a parasite that has entered a Host Body with the goal of corrupting the host … Read more

RAILGRADE: S Rank Campaign Walkthrough (WIP)

Walkthrough for first half of campaign (work in progress).   Intro & Tips I will not have access to a dedicated GPU for another week or two, so my screenshots will look like crap. I reset my save to avoid using anything not unlocked at that point. This guide might become out of date in … Read more

Two Hour Escape Mystery: A Puzzling Voyage – Full Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough for the game.   Walkthrough Museum Order the paintings as follows: Cups – Chest | Wheel – Ship | Chain – Anchor | Compass – Spyglass Dinner Room Go to the bookshelfs, and below each books, write the following words: DOLPHIN, PARROT and TURTLE. Examine the ships and arrange them … Read more

Sandy’s Great Escape: Full Text Walkthrough

Complete Text Walkthrough   Intro Controls Move with: U = UP D = DOWN L = LEFT R = RIGHT In game: Z = UNDO R = RETRY Only Crabby Caverns left to do! Sandy Shores 1-1 Hello, Sandy! UUUUR ULLUU URUU1-2 First Steps DLLUU LURDL LLLLL DLLUU DRRRR RURRD RRRRR RRUU1-3 Double Stacked LLLUU UURUL LRRUU URRDD DUUUR … Read more

Hamster on Rails: Image Walkthrough (WIP)

Image Walkthrough (16/16 Forest + 12/16 Desert so far)   Intro Make sure to have the tutorial enabled, it’s extremely helpful! Have fun, Hamster. I’ll work on this when I have time. Forest Desert Aztec … Medieval … Thanks to nana for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps … Read more

Submachine: Legacy – Walkthrough & Guide (Chapter 1-10)

This guide covers how to navigate through all the main game chapters 1-10, and the post-game content associated with them.   Guide Format Playthrough This subsection will guide you through the game, to collect items and navigate through areas. To make things flow easier, most of the guide will be text-based. However, in some areas … Read more

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley: Episode 1 Walkthrough

A walkthrough to Episode 1. This will not contain every interaction, so I recommend you to try interacting with everything. Some things can also be done at different times; this is not the quickest path just a path.   The Coffin Part 1 Interact with the trashbag located below the front door to get the Can … Read more

Dung Beetle Adventure: Full Walkthrough

Video + Text Walkthrough   Intro Find a Green Beetle on each screen. (Locations have been listed on each screen) Pressing ESC can skip most scene transitions. The Symbol Puzzle is different for everyone. Video Walkthrough Text Walkthrough Click on all the Beetles sitting on the rock to begin. Beetle [1] (Top Left) Blue Flag … Read more

Underground Blossom: Full Walkthrough & Guide

Full Walkthrough of Rusty Lake: Underground Blossom.   Station 1: Crib Station Once you exit the train, click on the suitcase and collect the items inside. Go around the station and collect the cloth and saw from the box. Time: Go to the baby crib (continuously click on the baby’s head until she cries to … Read more