Country Bumpkin Yutaka: All Endings Walkthrough

Here is a complete guide to walk through the full game.   Basic Controls Attack: Q. Confirm: Enter/Space/Z. Cancel/Menu: Esc/Num 0/X. Run/Hide Text Box: Shift Text Fast-Forward: Ctrl/Alt. Full Screen: F4. Screen Size: F3.   Preface The game crashes often. Save frequently! The 3 items sold in the store near the train station can change … Read more

Cursed House 12 Walkthrough: All Levels & Minigames Guide

Text walkthrough for all 110 M3 levels and the 25 Diamonds (Sokoban) minigames.   Gameplay Basics I like this new cursed house scene. Unearthly pink and purple glows, and a fountain which looks like it’s filled with a pink drink made from a certain brand of powder! The gargoyles look like they’re wondering what they’ve … Read more

PIGBLUE: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

Text walkthrough with all achievements in the game. 10 mins to 100%   Intro Achievements count – 7 Time to 100% – 10 min Walkthrough Skip text until “Welcome to” Type ‘PIGBLUE‘ (Uppercase) and Press “Enter” Welcome to PIGBLUE He looked at the rear mirror. He opened the glovebox He checked his pockets He turned … Read more

Amanda the Adventurer: Walkthrough with Achievements Guide

Welcome to the guide and walkthrough page!   Foreword <3 This game is an unforgettable adventure that captured my heart from the very first glance at the screenshots. I am deeply grateful to the developers for crafting such a masterful and fascinating game, filled with spooky details and spine-tingling moments that kept me on the … Read more

THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a walkthrough with all achievements guide for the new game SQUARE ENIX AI Tech Preview: THE PORTOPIA SERIAL MURDER CASE. Note: this walkthrough is incomplete and will updated in near future!   Regarding Treshold 8800.00 With the current build (as of 04/23/2023) there’s a common bug in which none of your commands is … Read more