Two Hour Escape Mystery: A Puzzling Voyage – Full Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough for the game.   Walkthrough Museum Order the paintings as follows: Cups – Chest | Wheel – Ship | Chain – Anchor | Compass – Spyglass Dinner Room Go to the bookshelfs, and below each books, write the following words: DOLPHIN, PARROT and TURTLE. Examine the ships and arrange them … Read more

Returning To Mia: 100% Achievement Guide & Optimized Walkthrough (Steam Version)

Guide to all achievements and endings.   Introduction There are 4 different endings to this game. Both of Sadie’s routes can be gotten in one playthrough with a save near the end of the story. Mia’s route and the Single route require their own playthroughs. I started this guide with a ‘try everything’ style playthrough … Read more

Submachine: Legacy – Walkthrough & Guide (Chapter 1-10)

This guide covers how to navigate through all the main game chapters 1-10, and the post-game content associated with them.   Guide Format Playthrough This subsection will guide you through the game, to collect items and navigate through areas. To make things flow easier, most of the guide will be text-based. However, in some areas … Read more

Tales From The Arcade: Starship Murder: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

Getting all achievements in 5 playthroughs. ~1h to 100%   Intro Achievements count – 5 Time to 100% – 1h Playthroughs required – at least 5 (may be random) Gameplay basics You have 3 rooms. Captain is dead. Crew members suspect each one in the murder. You need to find out who is the killer … Read more