Samurai Vandalism: All Routes Walkthrough

This guide features spoilers and covers the 3 main routes:

It shows how to unlock the 3 routes, as well as some optional sub-missions and events.

*This guide is currently being created and will be updated regularly until its final version.


Common Route – Chapter 1

This is the strategy page for the common route – chapter 1 of Samurai Vandalism.

Summary :

  • There will be one day of free action for Mukuro.

Chapter 1 summary table

Day 1
Opening [Samurai group Hozuki] (Mukuro’s past)
Free time (you can decide to do sub-missions or other actions)
Required Event [Extermination of Vermin in the Western Region of Teito]
Go to Common Route – Chapter 2

1) – Opening
During the game’s opening scene, the activities of the “Hozuki” group to which the main character Mukuro belongs, as well as Mukuro’s past, are discussed.

It’s recommended that you see the opening when you play the game for the first time (you can skip it if you wish).

2) – Free time
After the opening, talk to Commander Azami and you’ll be free to do what you want.

You can go shopping or complete side events before you get to the mandatory ones.
(I strongly advise you to do the side stories.)

Losing your virginity.
You can also lose your virginity immediately in a sub-event during your free time.

One of Hozuki’s veterans, sitting in the room opposite yours, will lecture you on the dangers of fighting enemies and monsters, and suggest a painless way to lose your virginity. It just so happens that she’s bought two sex toys and is offering you one of them.
(You can accept the sex toy without using it, as it won’t affect your stats).

Losing your virginity will increase the number of NPCs in event H, or you’ll be raped by a monster during battle.

3) – Required Event [Extermination of Vermin in the Western Region of Teito]
Go out to the Teito West Road and explore the cave of the Teito West Road.
There is a boss at the far end.

The boss here doesn’t have a defeat H-event. (If defeated, you will retreat temporarily to Teito.)
If you win, you will advance to the second chapter of the common route.

Common Route – Chapter 2

This is the strategy guide for the common route – Chapter 2 of Samurai Vandalism.

Summary :

  • Makuro has 2 free action during her free time.
  • Momo has 1 free action during.
  • Kinako has also 1 free action.
  • In this chapter, there are 3 events that proceed with victory or defeat.

Chapter 2 Summary table :

Day 1
Free time
Mandatory Event [Asset Owner Blackmailed by Rebel Faction] Victory or Defeat


Day 1
Event [Momo meets Gin]
Free time
Required event [Asset owner’s escort] Victory or defeat


Day 1
Event []
Free time
Required event []


Day 2
Free time
Required Event [Extermination of Invasive Alien Species] Victory or Defeat
Event [Byakuya executive group “Nine Stars” makes a move]
Event [The Princess’s Travels in Pursuit of a Secret]
Go to Chapter 3 of the Common Route

Events that progress with “defeat” or “victory” and “route branching”.
From this chapter onwards, some “defeats” will result in a “mission failure”, but the story will continue to progress.
If you have 3 or more failures by the end of chapter 3, the Ronin path will be triggered.
If you wish to follow the Hozuki path or the Byakuya path, you must limit the number of failures to 2.

The Mukuro Part

1) – Free time
Mukuro starts this chapter without any missions, so you may decide to complete the additional sub-events added at the beginning of this chapter before continuing the adventure.

Since you will be heading to Katsusa, you can clear the “Deliverance to the Mayor of Katsusa” by taking the order.

2) – Mandatory Event [Asset Owner Blackmailed by Rebel Faction]
For this mission, you can progress by victory or defeat in the boss battle.

▲ During this fight, 3 characters will appear, so you’ll have a hard time defeating them if your level is low. Be careful because If you lose the boss fight, there will be an H-scene.

The Momo Part

3) – Event [Momo meets Gin] :
This event relates how Momo and Gin first met several years ago, before they joined Hozuki.

▲ It is important to note that the character’s level is inherited from the level of the previous group.
Please take a look at the status screen, as the character may have learned new skills.

4) Free time

5) Required event [Asset owner’s escort]
This will be a series of three battles. (The second and third rounds will go straight into battle.)

It will be difficult to progress if you’re exhausted, so it’s best to recover your HP as often as possible during each fight so as not to be surprised at the start of the next one.
The game progresses by winning 3 consecutive fights or losing one in the series (there will be no H-scene even if you lose).

The Kinako Part

6) Event [/b]
Story of Kinako and her meeting with Commander Azami (Hozuki).

7) Free time
The Kinako part starts in the dungeon map.
If you want to prepare yourself further, you can return to Teito by moving backwards in the direction of the blue arrows to shop, etc,
If you don’t want to turn around and head straight for your destination, it’s in the upward direction.

8) [Required] Get evidence of secret talks.
When you infiltrate Takahama and reach the deepest part, you will achieve your goal.
There is no boss battle here.

The Mukuro Part – 2nd Day

9) Free time

10) Required Event [Extermination of Invasive Alien Species]
The boss fight takes place in the deepest part of the orc nest.
The game progresses according to Mukuro’s victory or defeat.
If Mukuro is defeated, there will be an H-scene.

11) Event [Byakuya executive group “Nine Stars” makes a move]

12) Event [The Princess’s Travels in Pursuit of a Secret]
After clearing the castle, the anti-Shogunate faction organization Byakuya makes its move and the Shogunate princess escapes the castle.

The opening movie will be played and you will proceed to Chapter 3 of the common route.

13) Go to Chapter 3 of the Common Route

Common Route – Chapter 3

This is the common route – Chapter 3 – of Samurai Vandalism.

Summary :

  • The Hozuki, Byakuya and Ronin routes branch off.
  • To proceed to the ronin route, you must have a “lewdness B” or higher, or “mission failure 3 or higher”.
  • There are 4 events that proceed with victory or defeat..

Chapter 3 summary table

[Expose the slave trade] → [Crush the slave market] Victory or defeat
[Find Hannya] → Get the fruit of the spirit tree
[Foreigner street slaying case] Victory or Defeat
Victory in battle with Manji
Mission Success
Defeat in battle with Manji → Mission failure → Change player
Rescue the captive Mukuro.
※ If you are defeated even once by an ennemy on the way, the mission fails.
Player selection (can start with any character)
4-1 (Kinako)
[Shady Karakuri (Doll) factory].
4-2 (Mukuro)
[Capture an important person of the anti-clerical faction] Victory or Defeat
4-3 (Momo)
The Battle of Kasuga Shrine
Branching by number of mission failures after completing 3 missions
Fail less than 3 missions
[Guard the cruel Grand Old Man]
Number of failures is more than 3
Go the Ronin & Sinners Route
After 5-1, a branching option occurs at [Lewdness B or higher]
Let’s just go away.Calm down with a night breeze] or [less than B for lewdness]
[Reunion with sister]
[Let’s just go away]
Go the Ronin Route
Choice during the 6-1 event
[Looking back at what we’ve done so far]
Go to Hozuki route
[I’ll follow you, sister]
Go to the BYAKUYA route

Difference between the “Ronin Route” and the “Ronin/Sinners Route”
Both routes start with the ronin route, but the starting point for chapter 4 is different.

In the “Ronin/Sinner Route”, the player starts as a sinner and an H-event is inserted at the beginning of chapter 4.

After that, you head for the Western Capital and join the “Ronin Route” at the start of your Ronin life.

3 – [Foreigner street slaying case]
Tail five, Manji appears as a Boss in the mission a [Foreigner street slaying case].

If defeated, the mission will fail, but Mukuro will be captured and a rescue event will occur.

If you don’t save her in time, you’ll fail the mission.

Note that on the way to the rescue, if you are defeated even once by a small fry, you will not arrive in time to save Mukuro and the mission will be a failure.

If you want to go the Hozuki or Byakuya route, be careful.

If you manage to save her in time, the Raging Leo will come to your rescue.

Characters from the precious game* also appear in Samurai Vandalism.
From chapter 3 onwards, characters from the previous game* also appear.

*Ideology in Friction Append

In the event [Capture an important person of the anti-clerical faction], in which Eliza (from the previous game) appears, there is a battle with Tail four, Midori Mochizuki.

If you win the battle and hunt Midori down, Ranmaru stops her, and Midori’s ability to release her powers is almost kept in reserve.

Branching by number of mission failures
If the number of mission failures is 3 or more, you will be accused of murdering a nobleman and become a criminal.
Proceed to Ronin Chapter 4.

If the number of mission failures is less than 3
If the number of mission failures is less than 3, you will proceed to the event [Guard the Cruel Grand Old Man].

After the event, you will be given a choice if you are above B in lewdness.

▲ If you choose “Let’s just go away”, you will go to the Ronin route.

After that, your future route will be decided after the last choice in this chapter.
Continue to Chapter 4 for each route.

Hozuki route

This is the Hozuki Route strategy guide for Samurai Vandalism.

Here I will explain the important points of chapters 4, 5, and the final chapter.

The ending branching point at the end of Chapter 5
The key point to watch out for in the Hozuki route is the ending split at the end of Chapter 5.
Decide which route you want to take from the four endings.

Chapter 5 summary table

End of Chapter 5, after Takachiho Azami’s recollection
Less than Lewdness A
1-1 [Sleepless nights]
Lewdness A
1-2 [B*tch ENDING] confirmed
Go to the last chapter of Hozuki route
Choice during the 1-1 event
“Let’s face Leo’s feelings properly”
2-1 [Pure Love ENDING] confirmed
Go to the last chapter of Hozuki route
[Not yet…]
[Virgin ENDING] ** or [Normal ENDING] Go to the last chapter of Hozuki Route

**If you choose “Not yet…”, you will get “Virgin ENDING” if you are a virgin, otherwise you will get “Normal END”.

Side episodes for virgins only
There are two virgin-only side episodes that are opened when you enter Chapter 5.
Mukuro and Nina” and “Would You Like a Date?” are limited side episodes.

Enjoy the story!
(In case you’re aiming for the Virgin ENDING, be aware that there are three H-events if you’re defeated in Chapter 4).

There is no H-event following a defeat after chapter 5.
I highly advise you to win all the battles to enjoy the story. (The development of the story becomes epic at this point).

If you think someone is missing in the confrontation with BYAKUYA.
View the side episode “Punishment for the Betrayer”. (Open in the second half of Chapter 4)


This is the strategy guide for the Byakuya route in Samurai Vandalism.

This page explains the important points of the Byakuya Route, including the ending branching.

Summary :

  • The ending is split according to the level of corruption and the degree of lewdness (3 kinds).
  • The player can control Mei (Mei’s control part is limited to Byakuya).
  • The story unfolds from Byakuya’s point of view.

The ending branching
The ending after the destruction of the last boss is determined by your evil corruption level and your degree of lewdness.

There are three types of endings for the Byakuya route.

Chapter 5 summary table

Ending type
The ending is reached when the level of lewdness is less than A and the level of corruption is less than LV3.
(There is an additional episode when Mei and Ranmaru are united.)
♥♥♥♥♥ END:

The ending is reached with the degree of lewdness A.

Evil corruption END:
The ending is reached at the level 3 of the evil corruption.


About the “Evil Corruption Level”
You will be given a choice at the event or when you defeat a humanoid enemy.

The evil corruption LV is raised according to the number of people who have been tokened.

Evil corruption LV
Number of people killed with your blade
0 person
1~19 people
20 to 29 people
30 or more

The [Road to Hiraga’s Laboratory] has only humanoid enemies, so it’s easy to increase your Evil Corruption LV.

Sub-event that brings Mei and Ranmaru together
A sub-event occurs when Mukuro and Mei are able to work together in the last chapter.
The condition is that Mei has had sex less than 10 times.
Switch the leading character and go to Ranmaru’s tenement.

Number of Mission Failures
The number of failed missions is not directly related to the ending.
If you fail two or more times, there will be an H scene in the middle of Chapter 5.

Event in which “side episodes” are lost if failed

  • If you fail the [Helping Mikage Orikasa] event in Chapter 4, you will lose one of the subsequent side episodes. You will not be able to see [Honeymoon with a subordinate], so it is important to succeed in this event.

The Mei part
In the Byakuya route, you can control Mei and, unlike the other playable characters, decide whether she’s a virgin or has had sexual experience.

If you want Mei to be sexually experienced, you can decide who her first partner was, which will affect her statistics.

You will then be given three choices of partner(s):

  • “I secretly did it with a boy from the neighboring village”
  • “l lost to a monster…”
  • “I sold it to a noble to rid myself of that weakness”

Please note that if you choose the last option, offering Mei’s virginity to the nobility, the number of times they’ve had sex exceeds 10x.

The story unfolds from Byakuya’s point of view

– The story progresses from the point of view of Byakuya, the anti-shogunate faction, and unfolds differently from the Hozuki route.

– During the Byakuya route, Daruma and the other commanders will moves to overthrow the shogunate.

– Mukuro will have to fight against her former comrades.

– We will also get to the bottom of the attack on the village of Mei and Mukuro.


This is the strategy guide for the Ronin route in Samurai Vandalism.

The important points such as the ending branch will be described.

Please note that If you enter this route as a guilty person, you will be saved by Ranmaru at the beginning of the game.

Summary :

  • The ending is split by the level of corruption and the degree of lewdness.
  • Full of H-events for the three main characters. You can do whatever you want.
  • There are also sex scenes with other than the main characters.
  • This story doesn’t belong to either Hozuki nor Byakuya.

The ending branching
The evil corruption LV and the degree of lewdness affect the ending.

The ronin route also splits bad endings.

Ending Branching
Evil corruption END:
The ending is reached at the level 3 of the evil corruption.
Lewd Ronin END :
[Mukuro, Momo, Kinako] Ending with a lewdness level of “A”
Ronin END :
The end is reached when the above two conditions are not met.


Evil corruption BAD END:
Defeated in the final battle (Evil Corruption LV3)
Defeated in the final game

Places where it is easy to raise the LV of evil corruption
It is easy to raise the level of evil corruption by going to “Kanna Highway” because there are many humanoid enemies.

The Evil Corruption Level will be raised to level 3 if you kill 30 or more people.

Evil corruption LV
Number of people killed with your blade
0 person
1~19 people
20~29 people
30 or more

Lewd Ronin Route
The Ronin route is full of H-events.
From the middle of Chapter 5, Mukuro, Momo, and Kanako will all become available.
(Switching between characters is done from the status screen.)

Sex trip
You can get a ” (Yotogi) Night Line” at the bar.
You can use it from the item.

This item makes it easy to find men who want to have sex with you (with NPCs who have the heart symbol above them)

Working in a brothel
Mukuro is not the only character who can work in a brothel, Momo and Kinako will also be able to work there.

Raise your exposure development level and enter men’s baths
When you reach Exposure Development Level B, you will be able to enter men’s baths. (You also need to have a lewdness level of B or higher.)

Once you enter the men’s bath, you can undress anytime.
(Men’s baths are available from Chapter 4 in the Ronin route. (You can enter the men’s baths in the Hozuki and Byakuya routes in the last chapter of the game.)

How to increase the number of exposures
The number of exposures rises with H-scenes that involve nudity.

The main scenes that raise the exposure count are as follows :

  • NPC sex (that allows you to get naked)
  • Selecting to be naked in a nightclub line
  • Working in a brothel

You will be able to conceive (Mukuro only)
If you have Hiraga perform the surgery, you will have the constitution to get pregnant immediately.
Then, if you experience Nakadashi (intravaginal ejaculation), you’re more likely to get pregnant.

Events Progressing in Defeat
Some events advance the story despite defeat until the middle of Chapter 5. (Many of these have H-scenes.)

If you fail 3 or more events, there will be an H-scene in the middle of Chapter 5, although this doesn’t affect the ending.

After that, there are no more events to advance the story despite defeat, and if you lose a fight, you’ll have to start again.

H-scenes involving characters other than the main ones.
There are H-scenes in the side episodes.

The female characters who will fight in the middle of Chapter 5 or later will be given the option to live or not after winning the battle.
If you keep them alive, you can see the side episode in the last chapter.

A story that doesn’t belong to either Hozulki nor Byakuya
The story is about Mukuro former samurai (Mukuro, Momo & Kinako) who become ronin and live a life of freedom without belonging to any organization.
After Hiraga leaves Byakuya in the middle of the story, the story moves dramatically.

After Kinako joins the group, the three of them (Mukuro, Momo and Kinako) can work together all the time (middle of Chapter 5).

Hiraga will leave the Byakuya and join the Shogunate.

You risk attracting attention and confronting Daruma, the leader of Byakuya, if you reach level 3 of evil corruption.

Thanks to EdenGenesisWs for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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