Gunfire Reborn: New Hero Zi Xiao Guide (Artisan and Magician DLC)

[Zi Xiao], the visitor from outland, is coming to meet all you folks with Stars and Astrology! As the first hero designed around Occult Scrolls in “Gunfire Reborn”, Zi Xiao’s ability will obtain bonus effects of different probability and strength depending on the quality of the Occult Scrolls already acquired. Despite the emphasis on randomness, … Read more

Dragon Fantasy: Universe Codes (June 2023) – Free Diamond & Coins

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Haiku, the Robot – Rune/Alphabet Translation (New Obscure Information DLC)

Translation of the runes added in the Obscure Information DLC. Spoiler Alert!!!   Overview This guide shows the mapping from the runes found in  to the English alphabet, as well as translations of the text that uses these runes If you find any additional locations that use these runes, please let me know and I’ll update … Read more