Rain World: How to Raising your Slugpup

A complete guide to raising your very own slugpup.   Unlocking Slugpups To unlock slugpups, you need to finish Gourmands Food Quest. Basically, eat almost everything in the game. Theres a food tracker above your hunger to help you. These are all the foods you need, from the wiki.   After completing the food tracker, … Read more

Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online: How to Delete the Redundant Files (Save ~2GB)

Save disk space by deleting the duplicate OP/ED videos that are used for the other languages, and deleting either just the Japanese voices, or just the English voices depending on your preference.   — Delete the duplicate OP/ED video files — Assuming you never change the game’s interface language to Japanese/Chinese, the following files in… … Read more

Storyteller: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Storyteller.   Single Level Achievements Image Achievement Description Werther (Goethe) The Sorrows of Young Werther (Wolfgang Von Goethe) Level 4-1 Poison:   Image Achievement Description Romeo & Juliet Romeo And Juliet (William Shakespeare) Level 4-2 Tragedy:   Image Achievement Description Lenora Falls Asleep <none> … Read more

Contraband Police: All Achievements Guide (59/59)

Detailed information for all 59 base achievements.   Campaign Ready to Work Complete the 5-day Border Guard Training. Finish the first five tutorial days. Long Live The Party Complete the game on the side of the government. This should be completed along with Steadfast by selecting the government option in all of the campaign choices at the … Read more

Zoe The Exhibitionist: Codes/Passwords in Chapter 4

This gives you nothing but the codes/passwords you need.   Spoiler Alert!!!     Codes/Passwords Battery Optimisation Code: 0134 Kiri’s Override: ilovesexybitches Laura’s Password: heydaddy123 Server Access: 1011 Funtime Master Password: crazyshitsince2021 Credit to Spartan Prime Zoe The Exhibitionist is a new 18+ game developed and published by ENF Stuff, it is now available on … Read more