Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate – Walkthrough (Episodes 1-2)

An (Incomplete) walkthrough and achievement guide.
Mainly for Episode 2, but a guide for 1 is linked. Episode 3 will follow


Roomisode 1 – Behind the Dangerdesque

The Homestar Wiki already has a good write up for Roomisode 1.
Check it out here[hrwiki.org]
I’d copy it here but I don’t think that’s allowed. Make sure to follow the Roomisode variant.
Check the linked guide for more details.
Achievements to achieve in this roomisode are: Private Eye (complete Roomisode), Chinese Stars (complete with full points), Photo 5ubjects (put 5 items on the windowsill and look at them through the camera), Hidden Mess (check Wings file in the dark), Positive Selftalk (speak to yourself 3 times), Lit Fedora (use lamp twice), Switch Coffee Brands (use coffee on light switch, then turn lights on), Stuff Talka Room 1 (talk to every item), Did Ya5 (5 game overs), Jailtime5 (go to jail 6 different ways)

Roomisode 2 – The Intersection of Doom & Boom – Walkthrough

For Achievement “Stuff Talka Room 2”, talk to everything. I added reminders to talk to things that become unavailable after that spot in the guide, but not for every item
Also beware, there seems to be a bug where after loading the points don’t go up any more. I could fix it by starting a new game, then loading the game.

Opening the car hood

  • Talk to car hood
  • Either use the car hood or talk to Renaldo and tell him to open the hood to get a hint
  • [5 Points] Use front hubcap, front bumper, rear bumper then rear hubcap
  • Use/look at engine. Oh my God JC, it’s a bomb!

(Points so far: 5)

Calming down Renaldo

  • [5 points] Go dumpster diving. Or well, use the trashcan
  • [5 points] Use the tape on the finger sign
  • [5 points] Give tape to Renaldo

(Points so far: 20)

Get the manual

  • Talk to renaldo about “inside the car..”
  • [5 points] Look at fast food, then pick it up
  • [5 points] Use ashtray and pick up the paperclip
  • [5 points] Use paperclip on glovebox knob
  • [5 points] Pick it up the colognac
  • [5 points] Press the button -> opens car hatch
  • use radio to get casette back
  • Exit out of the car
  • [1 Points, Nick Nameth achievement] Click look on Renaldo until Strong B.. Dangueresque has nothing to say any more
  • [1 Point, Head Traffic achievement] Use traffic light twice
  • [5 points] Talk to, then use street debris to get unscented air freshener
  • Talk to, then use the pressure plate, then walk off of it
  • [1 point, Stunt Dub achievement] Walk into the streets 5 times – last chance for this achievement
  • [5 points] Put the trash bag on it
  • Talk to, then pick up the cup
  • Talk to, then try to open sewer cap
  • [5 points] Talk to, then pick up tire iron from back of the car
  • [10 points] Use tire iron on sewer cap
  • Use sewer hole
  • Talk to crack in wall, then use tire iron on it
  • [5 points] Talk to, then pick up rock
  • Talk to Strong Sad/Electrician. Seems we have to turn off the power. Also that paper looks far out, we need a rake.
  • Get out of sewer, talk to the nice car, seems he’s happy to trade his rake-like antenna for some good smellz. He won’t accept colognac directly tho.
  • Talk to the antenna when you’re at it, it will soon be gone
  • [1 point, Fair Trade achievement] Use the casette on the nice ride to get Rock Spotty party mix
  • [5 points] Use engine, then fill A/C fluid intake with Colognac
  • Get in car (use Renaldo)
  • [1 point, DJ Renaldo Achievement] Use new tape on radio
  • [5 points] Hang the air freshener from the rearview mirror
  • [5 points] Turn on A/C, then get the rescented freshener. Leave the car.
  • [5 points] Give the refreshed freshener to the nice car, get antenna. Now we have our rake!
  • Look at and talk to the Guy in Bar (window) and ask him to unplug
  • Talk to renaldo about Rig Rug
  • [5 points] Talk to the Guy in Bar, tell him to hold UP + Player 2
  • [1 point, Smash Ones achievement] Talk to, then smash the Cold Ones sign with the tire iron
  • [5 points] Talk to, then throw rock at streetlight
  • Back to sewers, tell electrician the power is off.
  • leave sewers, and enter them again
  • [10 points] Talk to the floating guide, then use your rake (antenna) on it

(Points so far: 121)

Defuse the bomb

  • notice
  • Talk to, then use the toolbox. some slimy gunk on it
  • [1 point, Gunkiller Achievement] Exit the close up, fill your cup with sewer water, then go back to the box and use the cup on the gunk before the timer ran out
  • Brixx.. where have we seen brixx? Exit the box and look at/talk to all the brick spots. Before you got the hint, they were nondescript, now even the mouseover tells you the numbers.
  • [10 points] Closeup on the box again and choose the stars wih the points corresponding to the bricks, 5 – 3 – 4
  • [1 point, Stuff Talka Room 2] Talk to the wirecutters. If you talked to everything so far, the achievement should pop. If it doesn’t, talk to everything once more.
  • [10 points] Pick up the cutters
  • [10 points] use the guide on Dangeresque
  • [1 point, Or Did 5ee] Get back to the bomb and cut the green wire (wrong one) 3 times
  • [15 points] Defuse it correctly this time. Cut blue, red, green in order. Then exit closeup, go to the sewers, fill your cup. Go back to the bomb and use the hopefully still moist cup on the bomb stuff

You should have 169 points now.
The missing point is from the achievement “P4per work” with the description “Heard all the bureaucracy”. I couldn’t figure that one out yet.
If you know it, tell me in the comments.

Roomisode 2 – The Intersection of Doom & Boom – Just the optional Points/Achievements

  • 1 Points / Stuff Talka Room 2: Talk to everything.
  • 1 Points / Head Traffic: Use the traffic lights twice
  • 1 Points / Stunt Dub: Walk into the streets (before stopping the car) 5 times
  • 1 Points / Nick Nameth: Click look on Renaldo until the achievement pops
  • 1 Points / Fair Trade: Use casette on nice ride to get another casette
  • 1 Points / DJ Renaldo: Use this new tape on the radio
  • 1 Points / Smash Ones: Smash the “Cold Ones” sign with the tire iron
  • 1 Points / Gunkiller: Use the cup filled with sewer water to wash the gunk off of the toolbox
  • 1 Points / Or Did 5ee: 5 Gameovers. Just fail to defuse the bomb 5 times
  • 1 Points / P4per work: I could not figure that one out yet. Probably to do with the electrician, as the description is “Heard all the bureaucracy”, but I talked to him all I could.. If you know, tell me in the comments.
  • Crooked Cop: Finish Roomisode 2
  • Length of pipe: Finish Roomisode 2 with full points

Roomisode 3 – Keep My Enemies, Loser

This section is To Do for now

Thanks to Akhlys for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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