Tales From The Arcade: Starship Murder: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

Getting all achievements in 5 playthroughs. ~1h to 100%



Achievements count – 5
Time to 100% – 1h
Playthroughs required – at least 5 (may be random)

Gameplay basics

You have 3 rooms. Captain is dead. Crew members suspect each one in the murder. You need to find out who is the killer and save the spaceship from falling apart. You need to fix ship errors by clicking on them (once or twice after cooldown). If the error counter reaches 0, it damages your ship. Also, you need to listen crew dialogues to find out who is the killer (He can tell about it in different ways somewhere in jumps 3-5). On jump 5 there will be an option to kill someone after fixing errors.

Jump one (Tutorial):
Listen to crew members (If you want). Then fix 1 error and wait till 1st Jump.

Jump 2:
Fix several errors and wait for the 2nd jump.

Jump 3:
Fix more errors while listening to crew members, someone can confess to the murder.

Jump 4:
Same as jump 3, but errors will happen more often.

Jump 5:
Errors will happen much more frequently, so watch for flashing error icons and click <10 secs left errors 1st.
After dealing with them there will be an option to kill someone. Choose a room and press kill or wait for the final jump without killing anyone.

Killer possible lines (there are more possible variants in the game):


Disaster In Space
The astro hauler the the SS Persephone never made it to Starbase

Fail repairing the ship (better to do it in jumps 3-4). When spaceship health reaches 0 you will get this achievement.

Truth In The Darkness
The captain was murdered… only for a seemingly malfunctioning AI to then end the life of the captain’s killer

Find out who is the killer (random each playthrough) by listening to his dialogues. Then kill him before final jump.

All Quiet In The Void
Investigation into the disasters on board SS Persephone suggested foul play but no evidence has been found… The ship’s AI had been wiped shortly before docking

Find out who is killer but don’t kill anyone and just do all 5 jumps.

Digital Murder
The captain perished in an unfortunate accident. It is thought this event caused the cargo liner’s AI to go rampant, leading to the death of yet another crewmember.

Kill innocent crew member while you don’t know who is killer.

A Passing Shadow
An investigation into the events on board SS Persephone turned up no signs of foul play. The captain perished in an unfortunate accident.

Fail investigation and do all 5 jumps.

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