Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – How to Play the Game on Linux or MacOS

A basic guide on how to play Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic on Linux or MacOS using Steam and Proton   Introduction Are you an avid Linux or macOS user who craves the excitement of playing or beloved Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic or other Windows games on your preferred operating system? If so, you’re … Read more

Rain World: Setup Values Guide

This is a complete guide about setup settings, with values pulled straight out of game’s code.   What are those things? Definition Setup Values (or Initialization Values, often referred as setup.txt by the community) is a special set of debug settings which can be used to alter the way game works. You may be familiar … Read more

Contraband Police: How to Complete All Dirty Cop Achievements Quickly

Annoyed by an unlucky RNG when collecting a bribe? With the help of this guide, your progress will increase significantly.   How to Complete All Dirty Cop Achievements Quickly Step 1 First you need to complete a story mission with following and confront Gavrilov, somewhere in around 10-15 minutes of gameplay. There is no matter … Read more

Age of Wonders 4: How to Prevent Mods Conflict From Auto-updating

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Cookie Clicker: How To Summon Wrinklers With Console Commands

This is not a guide to use console commands. Just commands to copy and paste.   Summoning A Wrinkler Use the command: var me=Game.wrinklers[0]; me.phase = 1; me.hp = 3; The ‘wrinkleers[0]’ determines the Wrinklers location around the cookie (from 0-11). If you want it at a different location just change the number after ‘wrinklers’ … Read more