Holo X Break: Quick Fixes for Game Won’t Start, Black Screen and Low FPS

Experiencing technical glitches with Holo X Break on Windows (Steam)? This guide provides straightforward solutions for common issues like game start failures, black screens, and FPS drops.


How to Fix and Get Better Performance

Game Won’t Launch:

  • For Vulkan Errors or Black Screen: In Steam’s launch options, add --rendering-driver opengl3.
  • Update Graphics Driver: Ensure your driver is current.
  • Run as Administrator: Right-click the game’s executable and select “Run as Administrator”.

If you’re stuck at Character Select, Launch Idol Showdown first, then try the game again.

Black Screen at Startup:

  • Update System: A recent update to NVIDIA drivers and Windows has been reported to fix black screen issues at startup. Keeping your system and drivers updated can prevent many such glitches.

Low FPS:

  • Run as Admin: Start the game with administrative privileges to reduce stuttering.
  • System Requirements: Ideal performance on Windows 10 or newer with a Vulkan 1.2 supported GPU (e.g., GTX 1050). For older systems, use -force-opengl in-launch options.


Overcoming Holo X Break technical issues is about simple tweaks and updates. With these tips, you’re set for smoother gameplay and fewer interruptions.

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