Terminator: Dark Fate Defiance – Basic Modding Guide (Altering Unit and Equipment Values)

Dive into the realm of game modification with this straightforward guide on tweaking unit or equipment values in Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance. Credit goes to Alfafiles for this insightful tutorial, which I’m excited to share in our website. Modding can breathe new life into your gameplay, allowing for customized experiences that cater to your preferences.


Step-by-Step Modding Tutorial

Accessing Game Files

  1. Locate the basis.pak File: Navigate to the root directory of “Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance” on your system. You’ll need a file archiver like WINRAR to open the basis.pak file, which houses the game’s modifiable content. Use the password “oKoo$]bnGTKJLMNBA9A” to access it.
  2. Extract the species Folder: Inside the basis.pak file, find and extract the /scripts/species folder to a separate location. This folder contains the Excel files with all the editable characteristics for units, equipment, and weapons within the game.

Editing Values

  1. Convert File Formats: For ease of editing, change the file extensions from .xml to .XLS. This allows you to open and modify them using Excel. For instance, rename tanks.xml to tanks.XLS.
  2. Modify the Values: Open the newly converted Excel file, and you’ll find a table of values corresponding to various game elements. For example, to change the maintenance cost of an Abrams tank, locate “Fnd_abrams” in the first column, and then find the “supply_consumption” column. Change the value from “5500” to a desired number like “500” to reduce the maintenance cost.
  3. Experience Levels: You can also adjust the experience levels required for unit upgrades in the exp_levels.xml file by following a similar process.

Saving and Applying Changes

  1. Save Your Edits: After making your desired changes, save the file and revert the extension back to .xml.
  2. Integrate Changes into the Game: Instead of adding these modified files back into basis.pak, you should place them in a parallel directory structure within the game’s root folder. Create a new path mirroring the original basis/scripts/species and place your edited files here. The game will prioritize these modified files over the defaults.



Modding in the game is as simple as tweaking a few Excel files, enabling you to customize the game’s dynamics to your liking. Whether you’re adjusting the supply consumption of tanks or the experience needed for leveling up units, these changes can significantly alter your gameplay experience. Remember, the power to reshape the game is at your fingertips, so experiment responsibly and enjoy a personalized gaming adventure.

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