Pacific Drive: How to Skip Intro Videos

Hey there, speedsters and efficiency aficionados! Are you itching to hit the road in “Pacific Drive” but find yourself bogged down by the lengthy intro credits and unskippable logos every time you start the game? Worry not, for I’ve got a nifty workaround that’ll have you cruising the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest in no time, sans the wait.


Step-by-step Tutorial

Let’s cut to the chase and eliminate those pesky intro videos. This method is for Windows users on Steam, and it involves a bit of folder navigation and file deletion. But fear not, it’s simpler than navigating the game’s treacherous landscapes, and I’ll guide you through each step.

  1. Locate Your “Pacific Drive” Installation:
    • Open Steam and head to your Library. Right-click on “Pacific Drive” and select ‘Manage’ > ‘Browse Local Files’. This will take you directly to where the game is installed on your system.
  2. Navigate to the Movies Folder:
    • Once in the game’s installation directory, dive into the folders following this path: Pacific Drive\PenDriverPro\Content\Movies. This is the treasure trove where all those intro movies are stored.
  3. Time for Some Spring Cleaning:
    • Inside the Movies folder, you’ll find the culprits – the video files responsible for the intro sequences. Select them all and delete them. Yes, you heard it right, give them the boot.
  4. Launch and Leap Into the Game:
    • With the video files gone, start up “Pacific Drive”. You’ll notice a brief moment of darkness, a mere 2-3 seconds of a black screen while the game loads in the background. This is significantly faster compared to the original 27-second intro movie ordeal.



And there you have it, a straightforward solution to bypass “Pacific Drive’s” lengthy intro videos and dive straight into the heart of the game. This tweak is perfect for those who prefer to spend their time exploring and surviving rather than watching the same sequences over and over. Remember, the world of “Pacific Drive” awaits your quick return, so why delay it with intro videos? Happy gaming, and may your drives be swift and your adventures grand!

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