The Perfect Tower II: Military Tier 8 & 9 Guide (Early Era)

This is a Guide for People who’s in Era, mainly for those who are in Early Era which is MT8 and MT9. (MT = Military Tier; Seen on Headquarters)

For those who are in MT7 or below, please do not access this post as it has SPOILERS about ERA.


What is Era?

Era is the second stage of the game. You reach it once you get Wave 100b and Unlock the Era Workshop.

What is New/Special about Era?
In Era there’s 2 new things for enemies.

  • Era Power: Buffs the health and damage aspect of enemies; different per element.
  • Era Shield: Shown as the (x[value]) next to the enemies’ stats on the bottom left (heart and
    sword icon). It amplifies their ability to deal and take damage, so a buff for them.

Both of these are bad so you have to disable them, to do that:
Workshop F2: Era.

What is the Workshop F2: Era?

The Workshop F2: Era is one of the rewards you get from Tiering Up to MT8. It is accessible by going to the Workshop and clicking the Stairs Icon from the bottom-left side of the screen.

It is essential and where will you will revolve around to be able to pass through Era.

The First Tab is [Era Analysis]

  • This is where you reveal the era powers of enemies, since its different per element.
  • You need to get hits and kills to unlock the era powers.
  • Each Element has different amounts of Hits and Kills needed. (Hits – Hits Taken | Kills – Enemies Killed)
  • Revealing both the Era Powers of an Element will unlock Tab 2, and unlock its Inhibitional or Tab 2 counterpart based on which element is revealed.
  • Revealing both the Era Powers of an Element will make you eligible to Disable their powers while In-game on the In-game Era Tab (Left side of the screen, has “Era” named).

The Second Tab is [Era Research] (aka Era Inhibition)

  • This is where you decrease the cost of disabling enemy’s Era Powers on the In-game Era Tab. This takes time.
  • This is also where you buy Passive Era Divisors. You’d need both Workshop (Blue) Resources and Gems (Blue) to buy Passive Era Divisors.
  • To be able to Decrease an Element’s Disable Cost, you’d need to reveal that element’s Era Powers first on the Era Analysis Tab.
  • Decreasing an Element’s Disable Cost down to 950xp will unlock Tab 3, and its Experimental or Tab 3 counterpart based on which element is decreased down.
  • You can use Hits and Kills to skip Inhibition Time.

    This tab is important on getting to MT9. As this is your only efficient and best way for enemies to not have Era Shield. (Enemies’ Era Shield Increases per Era) (You’d need about /500k on both the Damage Era Shield Divisor and Health Era Shield Divisor to disable enemy’s Era Shield till Era 5, which is the MT8 goal.)

    The Third Tab is [Era Experiments]

    • This is where you use resources to make essences which you use to unlock Era Modules.
    • This is also where you can decrease the In-game Era Divider’s Cost.
    • To unlock the Era Experiment of an Element, you’d need to decrease that Element’s Disable Cost down to 950xp.
    • You can use Hits and Kills to skip Essence-Making Time.
    • Each module has a different % chance to be gotten. Essences makes us able to roll chances, and the more essence you use, the higher chance to get it.
    • Clicking on one of the module unlocks (has ???) will roll, using your chance, to get the module. If it fails, you will get a passive increase in chance based on how much essence was used, and the base chance of that module.
  • The cost of making an Essence increases based on how much essence you already have.

    (The best way to get the Era Modules is to “One Essence Spam” or only using one essence on that module unlock till you get it. This is the cheapest and easiest way to get the modules from there.)

    (This tab is important to get to MT10. As this is your only efficient and best way to have enemies’ era shield to not exist. More about this on the MT9 -> MT10 Section.)

How to get Hits and Kills

You need to get hits and kills to reveal the era powers of enemies, to do that you need to be able to survive well on era.

To do this, you would want to stay at lower waves so they’re weak even with era shield. Meaning turning all softwares off except New Bounds (new MT8 software).

With only New Bounds on, you’d be able to start on era 1, and while the other softwares are off, you’re not gonna be “moving” through waves too fast.

With this, you can get enough hits and kills to unlock the era powers of enemies.

(If you feel like you can survive further waves, turn on each softwares respectively, based on your survivability.)

The BP to be used here can be the one you used on to getting to MT8. Or you could join the Discord Server and you can find BP’s there to use to get Hits and Kills much more efficiently. Discord Server:

How to Get to MT9 (How to Get to Era 5)

To get to MT9, you have to get to Wave 500B or Era 5, getting the Passive Era Shield Divisors to /500k on both sides should be enough to help you get to Era 5 with no Era Shield to worry about till then.

About the bp to be used, you could just use the build you used to get to wave 100B, since Era is basically like the normal waves mode thing but with era shields and era powers.

And with Era Shield disabled, the only worry you have to get is about the enemy’s Era Powers. (Only Earth’s and Neutral’s Era Powers are the annoying ones, so disable them. Earth first then Neutral) (You’d need to reveal their Era Powers first on Era Analysis Tab to be able to Disable them.)

How to Get to MT10 (How to Get to Era 1000)

Access Tab 3 [Era Research] and max the top part (one with the big button).
(By max it i mean make it so both the xp cost of the sword and shield are down to 355xp.)

What is it for, you might ask? Its to decrease the cost of buying Era Shield Divisors on the In-game Era Tab (see on tower testing, on the right side named “Era”).
(To help you with getting that Tab 3 Top Part maxed, you should get the “Chained Mannequin” artifact, which you can get from Disabling the Neutral Era Power and killing Neutral Enemies.)

Once you do those and get the cost down to 355xp, you need to farm exp on Era. Meaning don’t turn on the new software you got “Era Surge”.

  • Only turn it on if you’re sure that the next Era won’t increase the enemies’ Era Shield. (This is called Era Creeping. More details on how-to below.)
  • Or just stay at Era 1 and farm In-game Exp there till you get /Inf /Inf Dividers.

(Enemies’ Era Shield Increases per Era) (In-game Exp gain increases per Era)

Keep doing that until eventually, you max the Era Divisors (e308 is their max). After that, your Era Divisors should be [/inf] [/inf] on both the Health Era Divisor and Damage Era Divisor.

After getting those to /Inf /Inf Divisors, turn on Era Surge and let it run till you reach Era 1000. (What happened is basically, the enemy’s Era Shield is getting divided by Inf, which completely disables it for the duration of the round.)

Here’s how to Era Creep (this helps on to getting /Inf /Inf Dividers faster):

You want to Era Creep, meaning that you want to slowly go up the eras (for more In-game Exp) but not too far that you cant survive.

[1] So you wait until you see the Era Shield to the Enemies' Stats. [2] And then you buy/increase your Era Divisors. [3] Then if you are available again to buy Divisors, you turn on Era Surge and increase your Era by 1.[4] And rinse and repeat until you have /Inf /Inf on both.


Then you turn on all software till Era 1000. (You need to disable Critical Wave Jump so you don’t get launched into higher Eras and only enable Era Surge while going up the Era or when both Divisors are /Inf)

Thanks to beyyy23 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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