The Perfect Tower II: Beginners’ Guide

This guide contains the mine, the headquarters, the power plant and town perks. which will help you to start the game.


The mine is one of the first buildings you’ll use. its cheap. its not complicated, it has some decent rewards early on.

as you upgrade the mine you’ll get access to more colors of shards, they cost more but are useful in their own way. you can also earn white cubes and gems in the Mine.

dont forget to check out the upgrades by clicking the yellow thing on the bottom left.

you can convert shards into cubes by clicking the bottom right button as well.

ok this ones got a lot of pieces to it.

ill start with the most important one.

the military tab is how you “prestige” in this game. it erases all your cubes AND module levels, but saves everything else! so before you tier up SPEND EVERYTHING. buy buildings, upgrade things in the lab, do it all first.

this is your primary goal for the game and there are a lot of them with cool rewards.

ok next….

contracts are pretty basic. spend cash, get cash if you follow the contract. THEY ARE MULTIPLICATIVE TOGETHER.

4x and x2 = 8x

and next

tech needs some UI adjustment to make it obvious, but you click the picture and upgrade the ram and CPU of it.

they help with AI and software stuff later in the game.

best to ignore the AI until MT4 when you get access to it.

speaking of software…

software makes the game FASTER, and you can go FURTHER. and its just a lot of little things adding up. get the software ASAP its very useful.

you unlock software by upgrading your military tier

the powerplant should be…. ignored until you have enough stuff to use it properly. so maybe MT2-3?

its very useful though. it multiplies the speed of EVERY BUILDING IN THE GAME.

you have a 200% boost? well now its going 3x the speed! (i think thats how the speed works anyway…) its very useful.

also note it does NOT lower the timers, it makes the timers move faster. so it may say 30 minutes left, but its going 3x faster and so will take 10 minutes instead.


it is not obvious!!!

UPGRADE ALL THE THINGS! (except the ones that are garbage)

and be mindful of fuel. you gotta delete the fuel items and replace them to get more fuel when it runs out. annoying but worth it.

you get town perks at military tier 6

town perks are a mid-game upgrade that let you spend your skillpoints on boosts

you can reset your perks once every …..24 hours i think? 12 hours? i forget. but you CAN reset them. so experiment on what you want!

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