The Perfect Tower II: All Challenges

Here are all challenges for The Perfect Tower game. if I miss anyone. please let me know.


Gerneral FAQ
Do Powerstones work on Challenges etc?

Does Fire Taste f.e. Stack with fire dmg increase?
Tested it and the 2 Combinations i tried do not stack Taste with element increase

Map 1
Challenge 1 SOLVED

Enemies: Fire Water

Wave: 111

Restictions: 7 Modules at T1 max


fire atttack
magma foundation
shoot speed
multi shoot

Reward: Phoenix bounce (x DMG with 10 times bounce on red enemies)

Challenge 2

Enemies: Earth

Wave: 325

Restictions: 5 Modules T2 Max

Blueprints: (weakness Elekticity)
Best try so far:
Wave 87 (4+ mil base dmg)
basis attack
attack speed
electric taste

Reward: +5% resource drop per finished Challenge

Challenge 3

Enemies: Nature

Wave: 500

Restictions: 5 Blue Modules T3 Max

Blueprints: (weakness earth) nature exchange needed?

Reward: Module?

Challenge 4 SOLVED

Enemies: Neutral Fire Nature Water

Wave: 50

Restictions: 5 Modules No Blue T4 max


attack speed
ice shards
electricity taste
multi shoot

Reward: planned strike (max tier 5 every 8th attack is 25% more dmg)

Challenge 5

Enemies: Neutral Fire Earth

Wave: 20

Restictions: 6 Modules (max 2 Red)
Neutral enemies only take damage from unsiversal Dmg
Neutral towers do Universal dmg
Universal dmg does no Dmg on Neutral enemies

Blueprints: (electricity is 300% total dmg but must be combined with neutral))

Reward: Module

Challenge 6

Enemies: Nature Earth

Wave: 60

Restictions: 10 Modules ( 4 Red 4 Blue 2 Violett max) T5 Max
Enemies only have 1% HP
Enemies do 10 Times more DMG

Blueprints: (electricity is 300% total dmg)

Reward: Module

By Eggility


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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Tower II: All Challenges”

  1. I did the 2nd challenge by going tank. granite foundation, adaptive regen, earth resistance, Relflect and combustion. But i think you can probably switch up the reflect for something else.

    with some of the health upgrades from the trade post it was easy to get 45m regen which they cant fight through. So you just sit there with 100 enemies hitting you 😛

  2. Indeed Slomo got it for the 2nd.

    I did the same logic on the challenge #3 of the 2nd region. Had : Basic attack – Attack speed – Splash – Granite foundation – Electric resistence – adaptive regeneration.
    Took 3H but work


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