The Perfect Tower II: Cylindro Killer Achievement Guide

This is a guide to help get the Cylindro Killer Achievement for Perfect Tower 2.


Cylindro Killer
This is a guide to get 1000 Cylindro Kills for the Cylindro Killer Achievement. Before you start make sure you’ve maxed your Statue of Cubos and unlocked all the upgrades.

When the match begins you can hit esc to skip the intro, and when it ends you can hit esc to skip the outro.

Because the tier of boss doesn’t matter for the achievement, you will want to focus on the first tier. And because the first tier of Cylindros is very easy, this guide is about maximizing speed and not about survival.

A few notes about survival: Being hit by a slam will do 20% damage and being hit by a wave will do 40% damage. From the farthest back safe point of a double-wave reverse, you only need to jump 6 podiums over to remain in the safe zone until the next reverse. This will allow you to maximize shooting time over moving time.

If a wave is blocking an energy powerup while you’re low on energy, take the hit to keep shooting faster. Running out of energy while there are powerups on the map will slow you down and you want to avoid it if at all possible. DO NOT GRAB POWERUPS if you have over 69% energy.

I recommend always hold the fire button so that you will fire as soon as you stop moving.

Do not fire shots which will miss while Cylindros is slamming. Use the time to reposition to an angle where you do hit him, or wait until he straightens out to fire again.

If you are out of energy with no energy pickups on the field, keep maneuvering around Cylindros so you will be able to see any which may drop behind him. Spamming attack on empty energy isn’t efficient.

When Cylindro is close to death, and you have enough energy to absorb a hit or two, take the damage and keep shooting rather than dodging a slam or wave.

With these tips you can defeat Cylindros as soon as you drain your 6th energy pickup in short order.

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