[Fixed] Hydroneer: Keybindings Bug & Missing Saves Issue (Update 2.0)

Hydroneer 2.0 is finally out via Steam on 9 May 2022. however. it seems there are some bugs and issues with the new patch. this guide will help you to fix the keybinding bug and saves issues. if you have any other issue, you can go to the Steam Discussion to ask for help.


Hydroneer 2.0 Controls Keybindings Not Work Bug

Sometimes keybindings can bug out and need to be hard reset. To do this.

– Close the game
– Open the Run prompt by holding the WINDOWS key and pressing R.
– Type the line below into the box (or copy/paste) then hit ENTER.
– Delete the ‘input.ini’ file and relaunch the game.


Hydroneer 2.0 Update: Old Saves is Missing

For the 2.0 update we’ve completely remade our save file system to be a lot more stable and optimized, also added hundreds of brand new items and replaced a lot of them.
For these reasons we had to make save files not compatible with 2.0.

You can however still access your old save files on the old version of the game via a steam beta branch, and play on the old version.
To do this:
– Right click Hydroneer in your steam library
– Go to Properties – Betas – select ‘Early_Development_Version_1.7’ from the list.
– Close the window and wait for the update to download.

You can go back to 2.0 by following the same steps and go to ‘Default’.

Credit to Developer grandmaMax


Hydroneer 2.0 Patch Note (Quick Look Version)

  • A Complete rework of the game’s entire codebase for optimization / new gameplay features / a solid foundation to build on further.
  • Splitscreen via Steam Remote Play, play with your friends online using splitscreen.
    Why not full multiplayer? I’ll explain that below.
  • Hundreds of new items!
  • Entire new vehicle system, will not ping off into the atmosphere anymore, and are fun to drive!
  • Brand new save file system which is a lot more optimized and stable.
    This will not work with old save files, they’ll still be accessible with the old game version on the steam beta tab.
  • This is a
    foundational update

    , not the final version of the game! Lots more planned from us here at Foulball Hangover.

Note: You can look at the full patch notes from here.

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