The Perfect Tower II: Simple Module Farming Script

A simple script for farming random drop modules in tower testing.


Simple Module Farming Script

This is the import string for the script:

This is what it does:

  1. Starts the script when a new round starts
  2. Waits for 15 seconds (adjust this part to your needs, shoot for wave 20)
  3. Restarts the round (which also re-activates the script since a new round starts)

Make sure you turn the AI on before hitting the Launch button. This script only activates when it detects a new round starting so if you’re already in a round it won’t trigger.

This is why the script works for module farming:

The chance for a module to drop is:

  • Base Drop Chance × Player Bonuses × Region Difficulty Factor × Log10(CurrentWave ÷ 10)

The equation has four sections.

  1. You don’t have any control over the Base Drop Chance.
  2. Player Bonuses aren’t something that you mess with during tower testing.
  3. Region Difficulty Factor is that difficulty percentage you see before clicking Launch to start Tower Testing. That’s not something this script is concerned with, but it does mean you should be running the highest difficulty possible for best drop chance in the region you’re farming.
  4. Log10(CurrentWave ÷ 10) , This is where the script comes in.

Lets say you restart on round 100. Divide 100 by 10 and then press the Log button on your calculator app. You’ll get the number 1. That means at round 100 you are multiplying the rest of the script by 1. That means you break even with a 100% chance modification to this section of the equation.

However, at wave 50, you’ll get 0.698_ or roughly 70% chance. It takes a lot longer to get to wave 100 than it does to 50. You can run several 70% chance runs in the same time it takes to run a single 100% chance run.

At wave 20, your chance is roughly 30%. However, you can get there much quicker than you can get to wave 50. This is what I shoot for. For me at the time I’m making this guide I’m farming High Mountain for it’s remaining modules. I’m at Military Tier 4 and it takes 15 seconds to get to wave 20 on Impossible difficulty. That means with my script I’m rolling 30% of the overall total drop chance four times a minute.

Thanks to Immune to Bullets for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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