Timberborn: Goods Distribution in Update 4

A guide to how the District Crossing and goods distribution mechanics work in Timberborn Update 4.   Update 4 and the District Crossing Here’s the short version: Use the default settings. Don’t change them. Connect two districts with a District Crossing. Build storage for the items you want in the districts you want those items … Read more

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC Weapon Evolutions, Info and Other stuff

info about new dlc’s weapons and other things.   Spoiler Alert!!! Weapon evolutions (Eleanor’s weapon) SpellString + SpellStream + SpellStrike = SpellStrom (upgrade each weapon to lvl 6) (Maruto’s weapon) Eskizzibur + Armor = Legionnaire (upgrade Eskizzibur to lvl 8 and Armor to lvl 5) (Keitha’s weapon) Flash Arrow + Bracer + Clover = Millionaire (upgrade Flash … Read more

Crush Crush: 2023 Spring Fling Parallel Event All Girl Requirements

This is a full collection of every girl’s requirements for the 2023 Spring Fling Parallel Event! Feel free to use the following data to optimise your game in the 4 day time frame 🙂   Mallory Adversary: 50 Affection, Faux-Fur Wearer (Spring Mascot), 1 Responsible, $28 | Rewards: 1 Jelly Bean Nuisance: 160 Affection, 2 Easygoing, … Read more

Labyrinthine: New Chapter 6 Map

Tired of wandering around, getting lost at every corner? This is a complete map of level 6 with all its stages. On it you will find locations for objectives, items, and collectibles.   Intro Last chapter coming in hot! Like my map of chapter 5 this one also has a legend to help explaining any … Read more