Hero Siege 2.0: Basics Guide

This guide describes the basics on hero siege 2.0, the daunting changes and a few examples.   What is 2.0? As of the 2nd of October 2023 Hero Siege 2.0 has been released, within the update there was a lot of changes of which can be daunting at first. The new content consists of the … Read more

Into the Radius VR: Location of Pecho Plushies (Update 2.7)

This is a guide to where to find the new Pecho Plushies coming along with the 2.7 update.   Intro As we all know, the 2.7 update has brought in 3 collectible Pecho (Spawn entity) plushies into the game. This is where to find all of them Locations 1. Plushie at Pobeda Factory The first … Read more

Hi-Fi RUSH: Arcade Update Achievements Guide

A short rundown of all the latest achievements included in the arcade update. Chances are that there will be spoilers so proceed with caution.   Introduction This short guide will break down the 10 new achievements that have been added in the Arcade update, and how you can get them. For the time being there … Read more

Garden Galaxy: New Secret Item (Summer Update)

A guide of how to get the new secret items from the Summer Update   What are the items? The newest items are 3 scrolls and a Pearl. Obviously this contains potential spoilers: How to get them? For these secret items you only need to get Beach Set Items, notably the “Message in the bottle” … Read more

Wildfrost: Intermediate Guide (V1.0.5 Update)

An intermediate guide to Wildfrost, including more involved strategies for success. Introduction Disclaimer: This guide will have open spoilers on the endgame content, and will be written under the assumption that you are explicitly attempting for the endgame in every run, so you have been warned. This is an intermediate guide, after all. If you are … Read more

Timberborn: Goods Distribution in Update 4

A guide to how the District Crossing and goods distribution mechanics work in Timberborn Update 4.   Update 4 and the District Crossing Here’s the short version: Use the default settings. Don’t change them. Connect two districts with a District Crossing. Build storage for the items you want in the districts you want those items … Read more

House Flipper: New Achievements Guide for Farm DLC

This Guide helps you reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Farm DLC   Farm DLC-Achievements Don’t hold your horses Ride like the wind! To get this achievement you need two things. Firstly, a horse, which you can buy via the laptop in the “Happy Ranch” shop, and a “Cavaletti Obstacle”, which … Read more

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC Weapon Evolutions, Info and Other stuff

info about new dlc’s weapons and other things.   Spoiler Alert!!! Weapon evolutions (Eleanor’s weapon) SpellString + SpellStream + SpellStrike = SpellStrom (upgrade each weapon to lvl 6) (Maruto’s weapon) Eskizzibur + Armor = Legionnaire (upgrade Eskizzibur to lvl 8 and Armor to lvl 5) (Keitha’s weapon) Flash Arrow + Bracer + Clover = Millionaire (upgrade Flash … Read more