Hi-Fi RUSH: Arcade Update Achievements Guide

A short rundown of all the latest achievements included in the arcade update. Chances are that there will be spoilers so proceed with caution.



This short guide will break down the 10 new achievements that have been added in the Arcade update, and how you can get them. For the time being there are no screenshots for some of the achievements since I’m not sure if people want them or not, but do let me know if you want them.

Arcade Achievements

NOW we got a kickass hideout!

Try out the arcade cabinet in the hideout.

Once you have completed the main story of Hifi RUSH, the arcade machine will be made available for you to play. Interact with the arcade machine to obtain this achievement.

Call me Turbo Chai

Clear a run of BPM RUSH! (Easy or Normal difficulty.)

BPM rush is one of the two arcade modes that you can play in this update, where you go through waves of enemies, as the BPM increases progressively up to 200 BPM per every wave cleared (5 waves altogether). Complete a run of this to the end without dying (otherwise you will have to do it again from the beginning!) in either Easy or Normal mode and you’ll get this achievement.

Choose your own adventure

Clear a run of Power Up! Tower Up!

This game mode is like a condensed version of Rhythm Tower, however at the start of your run Chai loses all of his buffs and has to make his way up all the 25 floors, with buffs of your choice. Complete all 25 floors to get this achievement (death will not force you to reset from the first floor, but from the previous floor that you have failed.)

It’ll do, CNMN

Unlock the Special Attack “CNMANIAC” and use it in battle.

To unlock this special attack you will have to complete arcade challenges to earn arcade points, and CNMANIAC will be unlocked once enough arcade points have been earned. Once that has been obtained, equip it to your reverb skills and use it once to unlock this achievement.

Please don’t make this awkward

Unlock the Special Attack “My Hero!” and use it in battle.

Like CNMANIAC, My Hero! is also obtained from gathering arcade points. Again, equip and use te skill to unlock this achievement.

That was just EVIL

Clear BPM RUSH! in EX Mode.

EX Mode is unlocked once you have completed BPM RUSH! either on Easy or Normal Mode. This mode can be brutal since there’s one wave of 185BPM, then 5 waves of 200BPM, so do be prepared of what’s to come, and take it easy.

New bad guys? No problem!

Perfectly parry both KEM-N0 and DM-ET1L’s rhyhm parry attack

The KEM-N0 and DM-ET1L are essentially upgraded versions of the KEM-0N0 BRUT-1L that only appears in the arcade and can be rather unpredictable especially if you’re not prepared for its attacks. As said in the description, rhythm parry both of the enemies attacks to get this achievement.

Secret Achievements (possible spoilers)

The following achievements are for the secret developer room once you have cleared all 40 arcade challenges. I suggest not to read further if you want to want to find out how for yourself.

It was all for this

Finally get your hands on that gift basket.

Get to the end of the developer room to find the gift basket and interact with it to get this achievement.

Voices from within

Read all the messages from the developers.

Like the Vandelay Vlogs you find all over the main story of HiFi RUSH, there are logs found everywhere in the room. Read all of them to get this achievement.

Low budget finish

Defeat the main game final boss wearing the “Low Budget” costume for Chai (with guitar) and 808.

Also found within this room is a low budget costume of Chai and 808 (it is found right where Tango-chan is), interact with the screen to obtain the costume, equip the low budget costume on Chai (don’t forget the guitar!) and 808, and go straight to track 12 to defeat Kale to unlock this achievement.

Thanks to Kuri for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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