Titan Quest Anniversary Edition: Chaos Dungeon & Hardcore Dungeon Guide

A guide/walkthrough for the new Chaos Dungeons / HC Dungeons – Eternal Embers Patch #6.   Introduction Chaos Dungeons/Hardcore Dungeons are the new content added to the latest patch of the Eternal Embers expansion of the game. They are meant to be an extra challenge for those who already fully completed the game and want … Read more

DayZ: Where To Find The Humvee in New 1.19 Update

A quick little guide on where to find the new M1025 Humvee in the latest 1.19 Update.   Locations for the M1025 Humvee Only Three Humvee’s are spawned at a time per server. Therefore, you better get there quick before the opposition arrives. Below are the Coordinates for both Chernarus and Livonia spawn locations which … Read more