Crush Crush: 2023 Spring Fling Parallel Event All Girl Requirements

This is a full collection of every girl’s requirements for the 2023 Spring Fling Parallel Event! Feel free to use the following data to optimise your game in the 4 day time frame 🙂   Mallory Adversary: 50 Affection, Faux-Fur Wearer (Spring Mascot), 1 Responsible, $28 | Rewards: 1 Jelly Bean Nuisance: 160 Affection, 2 Easygoing, … Read more

Not For Broadcast: Live & Spooky Good Ending Guide

A guide to get the good ending for the Live & Spooky DLC.   Overview In order to get the good ending, three tapes need to be repaired. This requires some decisions in the 1st and 2nd scene. Scene 1 In order to get the tape for scene 1, you must end in the costume … Read more

ULTRAKILL: All 5-S Fish Guide (How to Catch)

A guide to catching every fish in 5-S.   All 5-S Fish Guide Cause if it’s a good morning, I’d be fishing. This guide covers every possible fish you can get in 5-S. Funny Stupid Fish (Friend) Location: Lake Waters Size: 1 Fishing License Required: None Bait:Apple Get an apple from the log cabin next to the well … Read more

Labyrinthine: Chapter 6 Achievements Guide

Here is a short guide to help you quickly and easily pass all achievements in chapter 6.   Way down in the mines Go through Chapter 6 Seek not your fortune… Find all cards Check out the maps of the new Chapter 6 here. A noble sacrifice At the very end you need to sacrifice … Read more

Labyrinthine: New Chapter 6 Map

Tired of wandering around, getting lost at every corner? This is a complete map of level 6 with all its stages. On it you will find locations for objectives, items, and collectibles.   Intro Last chapter coming in hot! Like my map of chapter 5 this one also has a legend to help explaining any … Read more

Railbound: World 8 Walkthrough (2023 New Update)

They updated the world 8 and I realized it is missing in the walkthrough. So here is the solution if you guys are stuck.   World 8 Main Stage World 8-1 ====== World 8-2 ====== World 8-3 ====== World 8-4 ====== World 8-5 ====== World 8-6 ====== World 8-7 ====== World 8-8 World 8 Bonus … Read more

Sable: New Content Guide (November 29th Update)

This is a guide for the new content in the fishing (and more) update that released in 29.11. Note: This guide is still WIP and spoiler alert.   Map of New Locations The Angler Hut is located in Sansee, and the Vivarium is located in the Wash. How to Fish Once acquiring the fishing rod, … Read more