Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC Weapon Evolutions, Info and Other stuff

info about new dlc’s weapons and other things.


Spoiler Alert!!!

Weapon evolutions

(Eleanor’s weapon) SpellString + SpellStream + SpellStrike = SpellStrom (upgrade each weapon to lvl 6)
(Maruto’s weapon) Eskizzibur + Armor = Legionnaire (upgrade Eskizzibur to lvl 8 and Armor to lvl 5)
(Keitha’s weapon) Flash Arrow + Bracer + Clover = Millionaire (upgrade Flash Arrow to lvl 8, Bracer to lvl 5 and Clover to lvl 5)
(Luminaire’s weapon. Also obtainable in Abyss Foscari stage) Prismatic Missile + Crown = Luminaire (upgrade Prismatic Missile to lvl 8 and Crown to lvl 5)
(Genevieve’s weapon) Shadow Servant + Skull’O Maniac = Ophion (upgrade Shadow Servant to lvl 8 and Skull’O Maniac to lvl 5)

Abyss Foscari stage

Evolve Keitha’s weapon “Flash Arrow” into a “Millionaire” and go to lake (right top of the map or the question mark) and break green crystal. After that you’ll be teleported to it. After that this stage will be selectable from the Stage Selection.
How to get Genevieve character: after breaking green crystal and teleporting to Abyss Foscari leave to the main menu and enter Abyss Foscari with Maruto. Evolve Maruto’s weapon and go to the next question mark and break red crystal. You will get Luminaire character after that. After you did it you can leave to the main menu again, choose Eleonora and enter Abyss Foscari again. After evolving Eleonora’s weapon go to the next question mark and break blue crystal. After that you’ll get Genevieve character. After that you will need to defeat boss (Je-Ne-Viv) with Luminaire’s help and get yourself killed by white reaper (L bozo). And you’ll unlock Hyper mode in Abyss Foscari.

characters and items info

Eleanor Uziron: literally first dlc character, get her from the coffin at the top left on the map

Maruto: evolve spellstring, spellstream and spellstrike into spellstrom

Keitha Muort: evolve eskizzibur into legionnaire

Luminaire Foscari: break red gem in Abyss Foscari stage

Genevieve: break blue gem in Abyss Foscari stage

Rottin’ Ghoul: kill 6k rottin’ ghouls.has party popper as starting weapon.

Je-Ne-Viv: get 100k kills with Genevieve on a single run. Has the same starting weapon as Genevieve and increases in growth from time to time. defeating tough enemies will give you hearts that heals you

Sammy: kill 6k sammies in Lake Foscari stage who?

Academy Badge: adds revives and shoots enemies but in exchange reduces xp gain by 3% every upgrade (max lvl 6). Obtainable on Eleanor, Maruto and Keitha by reaching lv 30 or just from the map on Lake Foscari stage

Party Popper: Rottin’ Ghoul’s weapon. Not evolvable.

Silver Sliver: counterpart to Shadow Servant and Ophion from Arcana I – Gemini

Party Pooper: same thing but to Party Popper.

Thanks to TwistyTweek for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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