House Flipper: New Achievements Guide for Farm DLC

This Guide helps you reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Farm DLC


Farm DLC-Achievements

Don’t hold your horses

Ride like the wind!

To get this achievement you need two things. Firstly, a horse, which you can buy via the laptop in the “Happy Ranch” shop, and a “Cavaletti Obstacle”, which you can buy in the shop via the tablet. Then you have to place the Cavaletti Obstacle and jump over it perfectly with your horse. Make sure that you do not touch the Cavaletti Obstacle while jumping.


Captain Hook

Hope you’re not afraid of heights!

After the first job you get the “Grappling Hook”. Now you have to aim at a high point, such as the top of a tree, and let yourself be pulled up there. Then you will unlock the achievement.


Music to my ears

Your house, your rules, your radio.

For this Achievement you have to buy the “BoomFez radio” via the tablet. Then place it and play music by pressing the “E” key. The achievement will be unlocked immediately.


The bigger the better

House extensions are just too much fun!

After the first job has been completed, you can use the “House Building” feature. To do this, simply open the “Switch tool choice menu” and select “House Building” on the second page. Then left-click and press “E”. A building should now be build and you will receive the achievement.


Hardworking farmer

Your efforts have yielded a harvest.

After the first few jobs, you unlock the hoe. You can use it to dig up soil and plant seeds. You can buy the seeds from the tablet. Now you have to wait until the plants have grown and then harvest them. You need to harvest about 40 plants to get the achievement. I can’t say exactly how many there are, but if it still isn’t unlocked after 40 plants, plant more plants and just keep harvesting.


Talented roofer

Show your true colors!

To do this, you need to go to the “Mae Delicious” order. There you have to change the roof as a task. To do this you have to go on the roof and aim at the roof with the “Sell objects” device. Now you can change the colour of the roof and you will unlock the achievement.


A long day in the countryside

Hard work pays off!

Here you have to complete all 10 new jobs from the Farm DLC. It does not matter whether the jobs have been completed 100%.


Just don’t get lost!

Fancy an afternoon snack with a Minotaur?

For this achievement you have to enter the mission “Grandpa’s summer surpise”. There you will find the entrance to a corn maze on the left side. Make your way through the maze to a table and the achievement is yours.


They’re all in one basket

Still looking for a golden egg?

For this achievement you will need the following items from the shop: Hens, solumen nest for chickens or solumen chicken coop. I also bought and set up a renuze steel chicken feeder and adral chicken water trough. But I don’t know whether these are absolutely necessary. After you have everything, the hens will run to the nests, jump on them and start to hatch eggs. You can collect these eggs. As soon as you have 20 eggs in your pantry, you unlock the achievement. (Note that you already have 10 eggs in your pantry at the beginning and therefore only need to collect 10 more).


Old McDonald

Is there an animal you haven’t got?

For this achievement you have to buy every animal from the “Happy Ranch” shop. If you don’t get the achievement, note that you need to buy a hen and a rooster.


Drone master

Making photos, watering, spraying… Everything on the fly!

In the mission “In deep water” you can find the drone that you need for the achievement. Then you have to level up “High-tech farmer” (see picture 2). Now you can select the drone again and let it fly and distribute fertiliser with “E”. The achievement will then be unlocked.


Free spirit

Finally, nothing limits your imagination!

You can buy the “house” “Like a Painting” via the laptop. Now you will be asked if you want to move your office there. You must agree to this. If you refuse, you can still move the office here by pressing “Esc” and then place the laptop. You should now receive the achievement immediately.

Guide by Jonizeh

Thanks to Jonizeh for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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