Not For Broadcast: All Endings/Achievements for Bits Of Your Life

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements and endings for the new episode “Bits Of Your Life.”

Spoiler Alert!


Off The Track Endings

Whenever you select the wrong guest for a Path Eamon will say that the show has Off The Track. Dave will also notify you that you chose the wrong guest and cross out their numbers on the notepad.

You Cannot Get back on track and Eamon will have a breakdown after the seconth clip.

Peters anger or drunkness will determine the outcome of Eamons Breakdown.

Going off the track will always give you the “an eamon episode” Achievement
Ending 1

To get the first ending you need to keep peter happy and sober.

Best Way to do this is playing the first clips (A) and following the guest schedule until the fourth guest and putting someone else than the fourth guest

Eamon will have a breakdown because the shows gone “off the track” and peter will calmly escort him out after singing a version of just the job to cheer him up

Ending 2

For the second ending you need to get peter as drunk as possible while also keeping him calm.

Best Way to do this is choosing the guests that give booze to peter and also playing the second clips (B)

the fourth guest will not give peter booze if you pick him first
The Carnage path will also make peter drunk. just dont forget to fail the path

Eamon will have a breakdown (again) and drunk peter will call everyone to sing a version of just the job to finish the show in a good way

Ending 3

For The third ending you need to keep peter sober while keeping him angry

Best Way to do this is following the Brother? Path and failing it while playing the third clips(C)

Peter will berate Eamon for having a breakdown. after he calms down he promotes advances campaign then sings a version of just the job then he escorts him out

Ending 4

For the fourth and last Off The Track ending you need to get peter drunk and angry

This ending will give you the “a pissed peter clement” achievement

Best Way to do this is following and failing the Fight!!! path and playing the clips B and C depending in peters anger and drunkness (B if peters angry enough or C if peters drunk enough)

Note: Dave will inform you if peters drunk/angry enough


The drunk and angry Peter will start a fight with Eamon and Eric Will try to stop them from fighting getting himself hurt in the progress (poor guy)

Path Endings

These are the endings you get if you send out the guests in the right order.
Path endings are special and guests will act differently depending on the path

Peters drunkness/angriness do not matter for the Path endings
Doing all of these will give you the “All The Bits Of His Life” achievement

Ending 1 (Boring sh*t)

this ending is the easiest one to get.
just finish the first broadcast where you cant do anything and you will get this ending.
Note:completing this first broadcast gives you the “Dave’s Debut DLC” achievement

Outcome: Everyone will happily sing a version of just the job. the “good ending” also most likely the canon ending

Ending 2 (Fight!!!)

Order: 264135
This Path gives you the “Tis But A Scratch” achievement

Outcome: after getting punched by jimmy “chisel” Peter punches his abusive dad in the stomach when the singing finale begins. they both go to the medic silently while the kareoke version of just the job plays

Ending 3 (Brother?)

Order: 341562
This Path gives you the “Where Art Thou?” achievement

Outcome: Peters Brother Sid reunites with Peter after sid forgives peter for stealing ms.C Off of him. and Eamon gets TV nation awards i guess?

Ending 4 (Political)

Order: 415623
This Path gives you the “An Origin Story” achievement

Outcome: all of the guests talk about politics (damn really???) then they sing a version of just the job. and Eamon gets a invite to be intervieved by jeremy (LETSGOOO JEREMY)

Ending 5 (Carnage)

Order: 536214
This Path gives you the “Agent Of Chaos” achievement

Outcome: after being drugged by jimmy “chisel” and absolutely hammered with the alcohol from other guests peter and the guests try to do the singing finale.
spoiler:it doesnt go well

Ending 6 (Intervention)

Order: 652341
This Path gives you the “Truth And Consequence” achievement

Outcome: peters mother ex-girlfriend and julia salisbury confront peter about his drinking problem. it ends with peter hugging and crying his mother while she sings a lullaby

Other Achievements

Blasts From The Past

-Watch All the adverts in Bits Of Your Life
I mean it says it in the description

Mash Pit

-Headbang along to the Infamous Potato Rap
Start the tape player on the right then move the camera up and down. you should get the achievement after a while

The Funniest Man In The Country

-Watch Jimmy chizzle do what he does best
You need to send the guest in a certain order for this achievement which is 653, Then You should get the achievement when the third guest arrives. then it just goes off the track and Eamon Has a breakdown

Thanks to oncel101 for his/her excellent guide; all credit belongs to his/her effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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