Town of Salem 2: A Comprehensive Guide to Coroner

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed analysis and strategic playbook for the Coroner role, one of the latest additions to the Town of Salem’s Town Investigative roles. This role can be particularly challenging to play effectively due to its slow and restrictive Autopsy mechanic, making it a unique pick in the game.

The guide begins with a thorough introduction to the Coroner’s abilities, attributes, and objectives, laying a solid foundation for both new and seasoned players. We then delve into the challenges you may face when playing this role, such as the issues with the Autopsy mechanic, the difficulties in proving your role, and the challenges posed by probabilities.

What sets this guide apart is the strategic advice section. Here, we provide tangible tips and strategies to help you navigate these challenges and increase your effectiveness as a Coroner. This includes strategies like focusing on communication, not discarding negative results, collaborating with other roles, and maintaining a low profile when necessary.

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player looking to hone your skills with the Coroner role, this guide will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you play this unique role effectively.


Role Information

  • Alignment: Town Investigative
  • Immunities:
    • Attack: None
    • Defense: None
  • Ability Stats:
    • Type: Information
    • Non-unique

Game Information

  • Abilities: Perform an autopsy on a dead player during the day to gain clues about who killed them. Once an autopsy has been performed, you may check a living player each night to determine if they were the killer.
  • Attributes: You can reset your autopsy on a new corpse.
  • Goal: Hang every criminal and evildoer.

Strategy Guide for Playing as Coroner

  • 1. Understanding the Coroner Role
    The Coroner is one of the new Town Investigative roles. Compared to its contemporaries, it’s considered by many to be less effective due to its slow and restrictive Autopsy mechanic.
  • 2. The Issues with Autopsy Mechanic
    The Autopsy mechanic is slow because you can’t perform an autopsy without a dead body. This means you can’t perform your primary job until at least night 2. Plus, if you manage to find a Coven that killed someone, you have to wait another entire night without doing much until the next Coven member gets promoted and kills someone before you can look for them.
  • 3. The Restrictions of the Role
    The role is restrictive because you can only find the person who killed your Autopsy target, and not someone who killed anyone else. If there are multiple killers in the game, it takes several nights to find them all, lowering your efficiency.
  • 4. The Challenge of Probability
    With 3 killers in the game, on night 2, you have a 33% chance to pick the right body, and a 1 in 11 chance to pick the right killer. This results in a 3% chance to get a positive result after being unable to do much for the first day.
  • 5. Difficulty in Proving Your Role
    The above issues combine to create the toughest part of this role – it’s almost impossible to convincingly prove your role. This makes the Coroner a prime target for misguided lynching.
  • 6. Overcoming the Challenges
    Despite these challenges, here are some strategies you can employ:

    • Focus on communication: Keep the town informed about your findings, even if they’re inconclusive.
    • Don’t discard negative results: Even if you don’t find the killer, knowing who didn’t kill a player is still useful information.
    • Collaborate with other roles: Other investigative roles can help fill in the gaps of your knowledge.
    • Stay low: If the town is suspicious, it’s better to not claim Coroner until you have more solid evidence.

Coroner’s Game Log Template

Use this template to keep track of your actions and findings each night as Coroner:

Autopsy Target:
Autopsy Target (if changed):
Investigation Target:
Autopsy Target (if changed):
Investigation Target:

Repeat this pattern for each subsequent day and night. Remember to keep updating your observations during the day as they can provide useful context for your actions and findings. This can include information from other players, voting patterns, or anything else that seems noteworthy.

Maintaining a detailed and accurate log can greatly assist in recalling past events, making connections, and formulating strategies. It also serves as concrete evidence if you need to prove your role later in the game.

Strategies for Masquerading as a Coroner

If you are playing a different role, particularly an evil one, and need to disguise yourself as a Coroner, here are a few strategies that could help:

  • 1. Understanding the Coroner Role
    Firstly, it is crucial to understand the Coroner’s abilities and limitations. You must be aware that Coroners cannot perform an autopsy until at least the second night, and they can only investigate one person per night. Familiarize yourself with these mechanics so you can convincingly mimic them.
  • 2. Delay Your Results
    Since Coroners cannot perform their duty until the second night, it would be suspicious to claim any results on the first day. Make sure you do not claim to have any information that a Coroner couldn’t have.
  • 3. Share Limited Information
    Coroners can only find the person who killed their Autopsy target, and not someone who killed anyone else. Therefore, you should only share limited information. If you claim to know too much, you will likely arouse suspicion.
  • 4. Pick the Right Target
    When choosing who to accuse, consider who is already under suspicion. Accusing a player who is under no suspicion might draw attention to you. It’s also useful to accuse a player who is not likely to be protected or investigated by other Town members, as this can prolong the deception.
  • 5. Collaborate with Other Roles
    Try to corroborate your findings with other claimed investigative roles. This can lend credibility to your claims and help you blend in with the Town.
  • 6. Be Ready for Counter Claims
    If there is a real Coroner in the game, be prepared for a counter claim. Consider throwing doubt on them early on to discredit them if they try to debunk your claims.

Remember, the key to successfully masquerading as a Coroner is to blend in, share plausible but not too much information, and manage suspicions effectively. However, always be prepared to change your strategy if suspicion falls on you.

Thanks to James Jedi for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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