Town of Salem 2: Deputy Guide (How to Make the Most of Your Shot)

The Deputy is one of the hardest roles in TOS 2 to play, but also one of the most powerful so here’s some information on how to make the most of your shot.

Introduction to Deputy

Deputy is one of the new roles introduced in Town of Salem 2, and is the introduction of the ability for Town to kill in the daytime which is unlike anything original Town of Salem players will know, so here is some advice for the all new and very powerful Town Killing (TK) role.

The Deputy seems straightforward with a one time use day ability to shoot anyone in town with a Powerful Attack but it requires a lot of thought and deduction. Deputy is by far one of the strongest town members in the game but has a high risk if it goes wrong as the Hangman will hang you immediately after you shoot if you hit a member of the Town.

How and When to Shoot

How To Shoot:
Step 1. Click the button on the top right.

Step 2. Select who to shoot.

Step 3. Confirm.

When To Shoot.
Similar to Vigilante, the player must really think about their shot before taking it; you need to keep a pretty close eye on not just the words, but the actions of every non-confirmed member of town.
This means in set role lists tracking every claim and the information they provide, seeing votes on evils and if anyone is hesitant to put up a Coven member or voting innocent/abstaining in their lynching. These actions are more important than simply someone being quiet, especially with the additions of Ritualist and Doomsayer, people are far less likely to be claiming out loud if they aren’t TI.

You want to look for people who are splitting votes and trying to delay towns actions during the day, voting against town, or having contradictory information against a town member. If a One For One Lynch (1F1) ends up getting a Town lynched, its safe to shoot the Evil on the other side of the 1F1 afterwards.

Things To Be Careful Of

  • Shooting too early – Once you have shot you are a sitting duck, you’re confirmed and have no more ability. Holding it until it’s useful (or even dying with it) is better than killing Town with a random shot.
  • Revealing yourself early – As with most TK roles you want to avoid outright claiming early so you’re less of a target for evils, you are automatically confirmed when you shoot so you should always have a fake or vague claim in your pocket to keep yourself alive until it’s time to shoot.
  • Quiet Town – As mentioned before, you do not want to risk shooting just because someone is quiet. Whispering them to check their role in private is much more beneficial than just shooting them.
  • Unique Roles – It’s important to remember what roles are unique, meaning only ONE can be in each game. This is Town Power (TPow) which is Mayor, Jailor, Monarch, and Prosecutor. Meaning if there’s more than one claim, or one dead, someone is lying.

Additional Insights

Deputy is the only role in the game that can swing a game for town during the daytime by killing TWO evils that day (one with a bullet, one with a lynch). Keep this in mind if no evils have died and they think they’re getting close to majority, they’ll play a lot more aggressively and you can catch a slip up to turn a 4v4 into a 4v2 in towns favour.

While I’ve mentioned holding your ability for a better shot, that won’t always arise, sometimes it is better to confirm yourself by shooting a guaranteed evil who’s getting lynched and leading the town. The deputy leading takes a lot of pressure off TPow and will allow you to unify town in focussing on hunting down Evil factions.

It can be beneficial to resolve 1F1’s with a shot early on, as Coven losing a member is harder on them than town potentially losing 2. It’s a 50/50 you must judge but it comes with the risk of a Neutral being one of the parties involved, of which you will kill 2 Town for no Coven.

Thanks to Coteaux and not_mark for their excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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