Town of Salem 2: Vigilante Role Guide & How to Master

wide range of topics, from understanding the intricacies of the role and picking your targets wisely to managing consequences of your actions and successfully deceiving others if you’re an evil role pretending to be a Vigilante. By implementing the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you will increase your chances of leading your town to victory, or successfully deceiving them if you’re not on their side.


Role Information

The Vigilante is a critical Town Killing (TK) role that stands as the town’s last line of defense when the conventional methods of justice fail. This vigilant protector does not have any attack or defense immunities and is endowed with the power to deal a Basic Attack to any player they deem suspicious. However, this power is not limitless, and can only be used three times. Furthermore, the vigilante cannot take justice into their own hands on the first night and must exercise caution when deciding to shoot because if a fellow Town member falls victim to their bullet, the vigilante dies from guilt at the beginning of the following day. The ultimate goal of the Vigilante, like other town roles, is to eliminate every criminal and evildoer.

Strategy Guide for Playing as Vigilante

Understanding the Vigilante Role:
As a Vigilante, you have a powerful role but with a high-risk factor. You can choose to take justice into your own hands and shoot a player at night, but you must be careful not to mistakenly target a fellow Town member. If you do, you will die of guilt the following day.

Choosing Your Target:
Your decision to shoot should be well-informed, based on players’ behavior, role claims, voting patterns, and any information gathered by investigative roles. You should avoid hastily shooting based on mere suspicion, as the consequences can be fatal for you and the Town.

Adapting to Game Events:
You should adapt your actions based on the game’s progress. If suspicions arise about a player, you might decide to shoot. But, if you’re unsure, it might be better to hold your fire and wait for more information. Remember, you cannot shoot on Night 1.

Cooperating with the Town:
While it can be tempting to play the lone wolf, cooperation with the rest of the Town can significantly improve your effectiveness. Sharing suspicions and gathering information can help you make better decisions about who to target.

Dealing with Consequences:
If you accidentally kill a Town member, you will die from guilt the following day. Be prepared for this, and do your best to leave the Town in a good position if it happens.

Vigilante’s Game Log Template

Keeping track of your actions and their results can be incredibly beneficial for you and the Town. Here is a simple game log template you can use:

D1: Observations:
N1: (You can’t shoot on the first night)
D2: Observations:
N2: Shooting Target (if any):
D3: Observations: / Shooting Target (if changed):
N3: Shooting Target: / Result:

Continue this pattern for each subsequent day and night. Make sure to keep your observations updated with important information from other players, voting patterns, and other noteworthy events.

Strategies for Posing as a Vigilante

Understanding the Role:
To convincingly pose as a Vigilante, you need to comprehend the mechanics of the role. Understand when and how to claim that you’ve shot someone.

Creating a Believable Story:
Create believable results for your actions. Make sure they align with the events unfolding in the game.

Adapting to Game Events:
Adjust your claims based on the game’s events. If a player you claimed to shoot survives, you might need to adjust your claims or provide a plausible explanation for why they didn’t die.

Maintaining Consistency:
Ensure your claims remain consistent throughout the game. If your shooting claims contradict known facts or other players’ statements, your cover may be blown.

Anticipating Accusations:
Remember that as a Vigilante claim, you might be scrutinized more closely. Be ready to defend your claims if questioned, and try to shift suspicion onto others when possible.

By employing these strategies, you’ll be better prepared to convincingly pose as a Vigilante and throw the Town off your trail.

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