Cult of the Lamb: How to Respawn Lost Bishop Followers if Missing

Followers can go missing for a number of reasons and disappear from your death list, preventing resurrection. For Bishop followers with uncompleted quests, this can leave you without any way to complete their quests and get their corresponding relic. This guide will walk you though how do edit your save file to bring back the bishop follower and start their questline.



To bring back bishop followers, you will need to:

1) Save a backup of the chosen save file
2) Upload your save file to this save editor website[]
3) Copy and existing bishop follower to your follower list
4) Change the follower ID (and any other values you wish) of your new follower
5) Download and paste your new save file into your saves folder

Locating and Backing Up Your Save File

You can find your saves folder at these locations depending on your operating system:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Massive Monster\Cult Of The Lamb\saves\
macOS (OS X): $HOME/Library/Application Support/Massive Monster/Cult Of The Lamb/saves/
Steam Play (Linux): <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1313140/pfx/

Once you’ve located your saves folder, identify the save file you wish to edit. If you only have 1 save file, this will be slot_0.json. Other slots will have corresponding named files. Copy this file somewhere outside of the saves folder so that any edits will not affect your original save should issues arise.

Editing and Uploading Your Save File

Visit this save editor web tool[] (not my product).

Once on the web tool, drag your backed-up save file in and an unencrypted version of your save data should appear.

The only data we want to edit here is your followers list. You can command-f “followers” to find this list. Once you’ve found the list, expand the dropdown menu to see each individual follower’s data.

From here, we’re going to copy a follower’s object by right clicking on a list item and selecting duplicate. Just to be safe, I based by copy off of another bishop follower I had in my list just in case any untouched data values were important to keep between bishops. If you’d also like to do this, you can identify the bishop followers in your follower list by expanding a follower’s dropdown to view their data and looking for any ID that begins with 9999X (normal followers should be three digits or less).

Once copied, all that’s left to do is change the follower ID on your follower to the desired Bishop Leshy = 99990
Heket = 99991
Kallamar = 99992
Shamura = 99993
Narinder (The One Who Waits) = 666

I would also recommend changing their names and skin name.
Skin Names are as follow (spaces included):
Leshy = CultLeader 1
Heket = CultLeader 2
Kallamar = CultLeader 3
Shamura = CultLeader 4
Narinder (The One Who Waits) = Boss Death Cat

Once the data is changed to your liking, click the download button at the top of the page and save your file! I would recommend changing the name of the file to the next unused slot so that you can ensure your original slot remains intact. Upon launching the game for the first time, you will get and error message saying the game failed to load one of your saves properly (probably because of missing metadata), but fear not! After a quick second or so, the game will work its magic and bring your new save file to life.

In Game Work

Upon entering your new save file, you should find your new follower has joined your cult and is loving life! They won’t give you your incomplete quest immediately, but after a minute or two of fast forwarding, the prompt should pop and you’re good to go!

Thanks to Sedge for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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