The Perfect Tower II: Simple Module Farming Script

A simple script for farming random drop modules in tower testing.   Simple Module Farming Script This is the import string for the script: Dm1vZHVsZSBmYXJtaW5nAQAAAA1nYW1lLm5ld3JvdW5kAAAAAAIAAAAMZ2VuZXJpYy53YWl0CGNvbnN0YW50AwAAAAAAAC5ADXRvd2VyLnJlc3RhcnQ= This is what it does: Starts the script when a new round starts Waits for 15 seconds (adjust this part to your needs, shoot for wave 20) Restarts the round … Read more

The Perfect Tower II: Mining AIs (Working 2021)

Here are two mining AIs with low script actions requirements(6).   Mining all layers The AI 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 case : the total number of grid position. With a math trick, it encodes the x and y position of each grid using the modulo of case by 4 for the x and the floor of the division … Read more

The Perfect Tower II: Cylindro Killer Achievement Guide

This is a guide to help get the Cylindro Killer Achievement for Perfect Tower 2.   Cylindro Killer This is a guide to get 1000 Cylindro Kills for the Cylindro Killer Achievement. Before you start make sure you’ve maxed your Statue of Cubos and unlocked all the upgrades. When the match begins you can hit … Read more

The Perfect Tower II: All Challenges

Here are all challenges for The Perfect Tower game. if I miss anyone. please let me know.   Gerneral FAQ Do Powerstones work on Challenges etc? Yes Does Fire Taste f.e. Stack with fire dmg increase? Tested it and the 2 Combinations i tried do not stack Taste with element increase Map 1 Challenge 1 … Read more

The Perfect Tower II: Beginners’ Guide

This guide contains the mine, the headquarters, the power plant and town perks. which will help you to start the game.   THE MINE! The mine is one of the first buildings you’ll use. its cheap. its not complicated, it has some decent rewards early on. as you upgrade the mine you’ll get access to … Read more