DEVOUR: The Town Map Guide

Here is a full walkthrough and guide for DEVOUR’s new map: The Town.

Note: New DEVOUR map The Town now available to play on March 25, 2022!


The Town Map Walkthrough & Guide

This map is like a combination of all the maps, however the gameplay is very different. It is also very difficult, (it can be more than the other maps).

When you first spawn in, you are on dirt in front of the town. (Feel free to explore, otherwise here is the game progress). You do not need keys to unlock doors, so feel free to read papers, explore rooms, etc.

To really get the game going, walk into the building that you hear piano music coming from in The Saloon. Walk up to the piano-

The piano will immediately stop playing. This is step one. Walk up the stairs directly to the left, (you will hear footsteps), and walk into the bedroom that you hear the steps from. When you enter, walk towards the window and collect the key on the table. The key should be the key for the Church. After this, walk outside, nothing has been summoned yet.

When you walk to the right of the saloon building leading to the back you will find a pathway marked with cross gravestones. This is the path to the Church. Walk up the path. Enter the Church. (There are a couple entrances, this is the one you will mainly use)-

Once you are in the church and step into the Pentagram in it, Sam will be summoned. (Do not panic, he is not hostile). From here on you will be using your flashlight to burn away the demons on this map, which are ghosts. The ghosts can go through walls, and will become very annoying. Burn them if you can in Normal, otherwise for Hard and Nightmare I would recommend trying to dodge them until it becomes impossible to do so.

Since Sam has been summoned, head back down the path to the town, (which will now be lit up. Yay light!). The buildings that are lit up are your main objective buildings. You might run into Sam while he is walking around, but do not panic. He is harmless currently because you have not started the ritual progress yet.
Start collecting medkits and gas cans.
This is the best place that I have found for medkit strategy (In front of the bank)-

(This is so that they are directly in the middle of the map, however I also suggest scattering them near the mine as well).

For the gas cans, collect them all in the church, that is the only area that you will need them for. You will notice small boxes around the map as well. Those are matches, and will come in handy later. Once you have a sufficient supply of gas cans (10, since you will need to burn 10 items), start collecting keys.

Keys are used to open these cases around the map, which contain books. (They look like this)-

You will notice that in certain rooms in certain buildings, there is a pentagram on the floor. This will be needed for the multi-step ritual process. When you unlock the book case that you have found the key for, you will notice that the book has a symbol on it corresponding to the building that it is in. Start collecting matches. Put 1 box of matches on each pentagram circle that you find like so-

Some pentagrams are lit up a fiery red and some are not. The lit up pentagrams are the ones that are available to you currently. (This is similar to the Inn, like how in the beginning there are only 4-5 eggs that spawn.) If you are in a team, I recommend everyone taking a book and putting it on the pentagram in the room that is available to them. In order to do this, take the matches. You will see a ‘3’ on the matches. This is because on each pentagram there are 3 candles. Walk up to the candles and light them with the matches. (This only works on pentagrams that are lit up). It will look like this-

Grab the book with the symbol on it and put it on the lit pentagram that it corresponds to. Like I said earlier, if you are in a team have everyone do their book. Place the book on the lit altar-

(In this image you can see that I have the bank’s book, so I’m placing it on the pentagram in the bank).

ONCE the book is in place, the pentagram will light up bright red. Then all that energy goes into the book. It will look like this afterwards-

Pick up the book and head to the church. In the church there is the gigantic pentagram with the candles around it (those are permanently lit, you do not need matches for them). Place the book in the center of the circle where the firepit is. To start the ritual and progress through it, pour gas on the book like so-

Similarly to the Farmhouse it will light on fire, and you will gain ritual progress. Of course right after this Sam will get angry, but it only takes one stagger since you have only sacrificed one item. To make it quicker, (if you or your teammates brought the other books), sacrifice them one by one in the same moment and you will already be halfway done. You can collect them in the church anywhere like so-

Have a gas can at the ready nearby. Do not waste any time. If you are in a team, have someone burn any ghosts nearby and watch the door for Sam if they are not doing anything.

Repeat the process until you burn all 10 books!

Sam is different from Anna, Zara, and Molly. He will walk past you probably several times but watch out. DO NOT be in an open area or run directly in a straight line when he is after you. Instead of plainly running after you, he also grabs out guns and shoots you, which is one way of him downing you. Keep to buildings.

Sam will get aggressive the more the ritual progresses, especially after 7/10. Watch out.

In Nightmare and Hard mode, I recommend placing batteries in the church. It is the area you will most likely spend the most time in. (I also noticed people tend to place the books in the corner of the church in Nightmare mode)

Right next to the church outside the second entrance there is a bridge. If you cross it there is a hole in the floor that will drop into the jail. When Sam is chasing you and you have no UV or in general need to run, this is a very good spot.

That’s it for the Town! I will admit I find Sam much more intimidating than the others. His gaining footsteps are scary.

Thanks to akutle for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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