DEVOUR: All Collectibles Guide (The Inn Map)

This guide will tell you where all the blossoms are in the DEVOUR map the Inn. Use this guide to complete the achievement “Pollination” and receive the blossom robe. Spoiler Alert!!!


Outside The Inn
Before jumping into the house, on the left in the corner between the plants and the spider web.

Downstairs: Reception
As soon as you enter on the right in the shelves, in one of the spaces.

Next to the lamp

Downstairs: Canteen
on the left as soon as you enter, go past the table and look in the corner where there are two large spider webs.

Downstairs: Laundry
Between two sets of washing machines.

Downstairs: Shower Room
inside the middle giant round bathtub

Downstairs: Gaming Room
Left from the entrance, between a small table and a corner spider web.

Downstairs: Kitchen
On the middle metal table, back and bottom.

Downstairs: Room 2
In the corner beside the lamp and spider web.

Downstairs: TV Room
On top of the TV at the back

Outside: Pool Room
(Side Room): on the right between two stools, one of them has a candle.

Down the side of the wooden stairs, tucked underneath slightly. Facing the stairs with the lower pool behind you, this is on the right.

Outside: Garden
Before entering the cave, behind a stone on the left.

Walkway opposite the Cave: in a corner between boxes, cobwebs and a plant.

Outside: Small Garden
(this area is between pool room, the changing room and the laundry): in the gap between the walkways between the pond room and the changing room.

Outside: Cave
Inside the cave almost at the bottom and to the right, between two stones.

Upstairs: Walkways Between Rooms
Top of the stairs next to Reception: in a corner next to a box of beer.

Opposite Room 5: in the cabinet between the green towels and toilet paper.

Opposite Room 4: in an empty space between the towels in the shelving unit.

Near the gap to jump down, between a glass cabinet and a box.

Upstairs: Room 5
on the chair on the small table.

Upstairs: Room 6
the bloom is under a yellow and gray striped armchair.
Upstairs: Room 8
next to the lamp

Upstairs: Maintenance Room
In the shelving unit under some green/blue boxes.

Upstairs: Bathroom
Inside a metal bucket under the sinks.

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