ULTRAKILL: All 5-S Fish Guide (How to Catch)

A guide to catching every fish in 5-S.


All 5-S Fish Guide

Cause if it’s a good morning, I’d be fishing.
This guide covers every possible fish you can get in 5-S.

Funny Stupid Fish (Friend)

Location: Lake Waters
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: None
Get an apple from the log cabin next to the well and throw it into the Lake Waters. A fish will take the bait, then reel it in.


Location: Lake Waters
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: None
Probably the first fish you will catch right away. If you don’t see one, you might need to throw in a Maurice bait. That’s the stone head next to the apples.


Location: Deeper Lake Waters
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: None
This fish is located more to the center of Lake Waters. You’ll see the tooltip change.

Metal Fish

Location: Cave Pool (Behind the waterfall)
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: Silver
Throw a Maurice bait into the cave pool to get a Metal Fish.


Location: Cave Pool (Behind the waterfall)
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: None
Pretty straightforward catch.

Bomb Fish

Location: Waterfall stream
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: Bronze
You’ll need this fish to unlock a few others. Use it to blow up the cracked rocks right to the left of the entrance.


Location: Lake of Blood
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: Nitro Basic
Right after blowing up the rock you’ll get access to a blood pool. Use your fishing rod to catch an eyeball.

Frog (?)

Location: Lower Bloods
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: Nitro
Dive into the lake of blood until you see a darker pool in the middle. Fish and obtain a frog..?

Dope Fish

Location: Water Well
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: None
Fish into the water well right next to the log cabin to get a Dope Fish. May need a bit of jumping.


Location: Log Cabin (frying pan)
Size: 1
Cooking License Required: Master Chef
Fish u a stickfish from the frying pan. Careful, very hot.

Cooked Fish

Location: Campfire
Size: 1
Cooking License Required: Novice Chef
Throw any lake fish into the fire to get a cooked fish.


Location: Ocean
Size: 1
Fishing License Required: Platinum+
Throw the cooked fish into the ocean to get a shark. This is your final fish. Don’t get too close or you will fall in though.

You’re Done!

Thanks to Bee Dad for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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