Labyrinthine: New Chapter 6 Map

Tired of wandering around, getting lost at every corner? This is a complete map of level 6 with all its stages. On it you will find locations for objectives, items, and collectibles.



Last chapter coming in hot!

Like my map of chapter 5 this one also has a legend to help explaining any (hopefully not) bad design choice of symbols for items, tasks, etc. However, unlike the chapter 5 map, and more like my chapter 4 map(s), I have this time split the chapter map up in three separate maps, each covering one of the three chapter “parts”, if you will.

These are

  • Part 1: The Village
  • Part 2: The Mines
  • Part 3: The Temple

As with my other maps, these below might seem quite small in the workshop, so to see all details bring up the real image scale by clicking on the image, and then on the url above it.

How To Use Symbols?

The symbols on the maps, representing items, objectives, collectibles, etc. are colour coded, meaning that all items needed to complete a certain task, for progression (often opening a door/lock), shares a colour.

For example, a lock with colour blue can be open by using/combining other items having symbols with blue in them.

The comment section below is there to be used. Please let me know if anything seems strange or something is missing!

Alright, thanks for reading, and please consider to slap a rating at the top!

The Village

The Mines

The Temple

Thanks to Viktor for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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