Not For Broadcast: Live & Spooky Good Ending Guide

A guide to get the good ending for the Live & Spooky DLC.



In order to get the good ending, three tapes need to be repaired. This requires some decisions in the 1st and 2nd scene.

Scene 1

In order to get the tape for scene 1, you must end in the costume room (Bottom Button). The first two rooms you visit seem to not matter.

Scene 2

Scene two is the most important section for the good ending. There are four rooms that you can send people in to by failing to set the BOO machine in time, the only two that matter are the first and last rooms.

The first ghost interaction will start with Patrick, this needs to be stopped. Fix all of the BOO machine errors in time to save him.

The next ghost interaction will be Holly, intentionally fail this to send her to the vault in scene 3.

The next two ghost interactions do not matter, so long as Patrick does not enter these rooms then you are fine. You can intentionally fail the next two ghost interactions placing the Dr in the 2nd room and Wayne in the 3rd.

This leaves Patrick to enter the projection room, where he will repair the second tape.

Scene 3

There are no decisions to be made here, as long as Holly is sent to the vault she should get the tape and reveal the good ending.

Thanks to Critch for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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