Unturned: Arid 2.0 Weapon, Attachment and Melee Stats

In this datasheet You can find tons of statistics about every Gun, Melee and Attachment on the Arid map. The sheet also includes info about how to obtain every one of these items (loot, craft, buy, barter).

Most values were taken straight from the files, some things were tested manually in the game. I didn’t include some stats that I considered not important in the gameplay aspect.



Below are screenshots of the spreadsheet, including only the basic info like damage, firerate, mags and IDs. I put them there in case someone couldn’t access the link or wanted the most basic info straight away but also so that this guide isn’t just a link to a google spreadsheet xd

Guns – Target ammo

Guns – Pistols

Guns – SMGs,Carbines

Guns – Zolash series, MKP, SL-VA

Guns – AR series, Sturmgewehr

Guns – DMRs

Guns – Sniper Rifles

Guns – Subsonic Ammo

Guns – Rocket Launchers

Guns – Other

note that MGL’s explosion damage is only from HE grenades and if you use them the base direct hit damage is reduced by 95%.

Guns – Sentry / Vehicle

Ammo Types / Crates

Magazines – Target, Pistol, Magnum

Magazines – Intermediate

Magazines – Tracer, Hypervelocity

Magazines – Subsonic, FRAG, Anti-Materiel

Magazines – Non-Refillable

Magazines – HMG Boxes

Attachments – Barrels, Tacticals

* Pistol Suppressor can only be attached to guns that use Pistol Ammo.

Attachments – Sights & Scopes

Pistol Sights
Dovetail Sights
Rail Iron sights
Rail Sights
Rifle & Unique Sights

Melees – Utility

Melees – Junk

Melees – Bladed

Melees – Axes

Melees – Sledgehammers, Pickaxes, Shovels

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