Death From Above: 100% Achievements Guide

Easy & fast 100% achievements
Please, notice the last guide update – 5-29-2023. Some achievements might be missing in the new version.


Smooth Operator

Neutralize 10 soldiers.
Yeap, that’s it.
Quick reminder: you can switch drone ammo with mouse scroll (frag grenades will be better) & turn on the thermal camera with L Shift. You know all you need – now spawn your drone and fly to kill those ba$tards.

Smooth Operator 2

Neutralize 25 soldiers.
I know you like it. Just keep doing it.

Smooth Operator 3

More! More! Neutralize 50 soldiers! Till the last of them on Ukrainian land!

Tanks for playing

You got defeated by a tank
Let any tank kill you. Important: you should die exactly by a tank shot. So you can kill anyone else but the tank before just to avoid any other potential source of death. You can do it next to the first signal tower with this boi (you should dead as the pilot, not as the drone):


Neutralize 4 enemies in a short time
You have enough time to do it even in the first camp. Ensure you have frag grenades equipped and try to kill those guys as quickly as you can.

Drone was destroyed

Your drone was lost in battle
Let enemies kill your drone (either by rocket launcher or by rifle). You have many of them anyway. And do not forget to donate for new real ones: Army of Drones[].

License to kill

Visit all locations at the training grounds
Interact with all points of interest at training grounds:
1) Press the button and capture the terminal
2) Retrieve a washing machine
3) Explode a tank
4) Explode a tank once more time

Potentially bugged: this achievement won’t work for some users even when all required actions are done. The fix is unknown.

Killed by a prisoner

You were defeated by a convict
Let these ba$tards kill you. Oh god, they use shovels…

Slava Ukraini!

Raise all of the flags in the level
Interact (F) with all flagpoles (as a pilot). Glory to Ukraine!


Antenna badges

You can collect those badges above antennas for bonus points (with the drone):

Thanks to Slimer509 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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