Mega Man Battle Network 6 Maps: All Areas

All Credit goes to Mega Boy for these maps. Just wanted quick access to them


Internet Areas

Central Area
Central Area 1
Central Area 2
Central Area 3

Seaside Area

Seaside Area 1
Seaside Area 2
Seaside Area 3

Green Area

Green Area 1
Green Area 2

Sky Area

Sky Area 1
Sky Area 2



Underground Area

Underground Area 1
Underground Area 2

Undernet Area

Undernet Zero Area
Undernet Area 1
Undernet Area 2
Undernet Area 3

Graveyard Area

Graveyard Area 1
Graveyard Area 2

Immortal Area

Immortal Area


Robot Control Area

Robot Control Area 1
Robot Control Area 2

Aquarium Area

Aquarium Area 1
Aquarium Area 2
Aquarium Area 3

Judge Tree Area

Judge Tree Area 1
Judge Tree Area 2
Judge Tree Area 3

Mr Weather Area

Mr Weather Area 1
Mr Weather Area 2
Mr Weather Area 3

Pavillion Area

Pavillion Area 1
Pavillion Area 2
Pavillion Area 3
Pavillion Area 4

Thanks to Pepperoni Secret for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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