The Null Hypothesis: Cheats Guide (All Console Commands)

Try this guide to cheat in The Null Hypothesis, if needed.

We check the latest game version 0.5b


All Console Commands & How to Use Them

All the following commands work for the latest version 0.3c. However, they may change in future updates; we will update them at that time.


Note: Please replace “Rogue” with “Laura” or “Jean”
Add 9000 but the quest will lock you at a certain number until you finish each quests, which will reward you with a higher cap

  • Rogue.pubes=’none’

Note: Please replace none with bush, growing, hairy, null, shaven, strip, or triangle.

  • Rogue.piercings[“nipple”] =”ring”

Note: replace “ring” with “False” or “barbell”, and also, replace “nipple” with “labia” or “belly”.


Actually, you don’t even need to farm to much money in the game, because you will receive a lot of cash after you finished one of the events.

  • Player.ability_points+=10
  • Player.stamina=4
  • Player.max_stamina=4
  • Rogue.throat_training=5

Add 5 as not to encounter noclip issue

  • Rogue.oral_training=20
  • Rogue.stamina=5
  • Rogue.max_stamina=5

Add 3 so as not to encounter noclip issue


Where to Find the Cheat Menu?

There is a white circle at the bottom left of your screen. However, It may only work in your bedroom.


That’s the end, Looking for more? we will cover more cheat guides for you:

Have a good game!

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