Business of Loving: Cheats Guide (V0.13)

There is an in-build cheat system in Business of Loving. Here, we will share the cheat codes for the latest game version. Additionally, you can get a simple tutorial on how to use them.

Updated for V0.13.1i in December 2023


Cheat Codes List for V0.13

These commands will change with the new update of the game. But don’t worry, we will update this list frequently.

  • tenenbaum: Lorraine cuck content unlocked. Visit room at night to begin. (New!)
  • motherearth: Lorraine x Lily route unlocked.
  • bouncemyboy: Unlimited Money
  • ladiespls: All the ladies love points are maxxed!
  • rosebud: Everything is unlocked.
  • #girlboss: All Kim’s content unlocked.
  • whoamama: All Lorraine content unlocked.
  • greenthumb: All Lily content unlocked.
  • galsinblue: All Ramirez content unlocked.
  • bettrblnde: All vanilla Patty content unlocked.
  • chococake: Patty’s chubby route unlocked.
  • babymama!: Patty’s pregnant route unlocked.
  • hardlyworkin: All Degredation Patty content unlocked.
  • thebigmeanie: All Degredation points maxed!
  • babyfever: Lorraine pregnancy scenes maxed.
  • givemegothgf: All Charlotte scenes unlocked.


Where to Enter Your Cheat Codes?

There are two methods you can use the cheat codes above:

  • Method 1: Enter these as a name when starting a new game.
  • Method 2: Enter them into the PC in your bedroom.


Finally, you may get the cheat codes and redeem them in-game, Moreover, we will provide you with more cheat guides like Knights of Honor II Sovereign Cheats GuideShe Will Punish Them Cheats Guide, and SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Cheats Guide.

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