SexNote: All Cheat Codes (V0.22 Updated)

Here is a full list of cheat codes for SecNote. which will allow you to get 100% gallery and boost your levels instantly.

Updated January 2024 | We checked for new version 0.22.0a


SexNote Cheat Codes for the Latest Version

Codes for v0.22.0a

These codes work for the latest game version are the same to the previous version.

  • Gallery: h9r7z2 (New!)
  • Cheat: 4n1v3r (New!)​

Codes for Old Version

  • v0.21.5d
    Gallery: h9r7z2
    Cheat: 4n1v3r
  • v0.20.5a
    Gallery: 3sn4m1
  • ​v0.20.5b
    Gallery: n15g8p
  • v0.20.0d
    Gallery: m3ft4l
    Cheat: b3ti8r
  • v0.17.5a
    Gallery: a2ew8a7
    Cheat: e4ij2nv
  • v0.15.5a
    Gallery: h1jkp4t
    Cheat: p3r4gr7​​
  • v0.14.5a
    Gallery: w7i2a1
    Cheat: 3t7v5m1
  • v0.13.9b
    Gallery: c3fd9io
    Cheat: yt8um4m
  • v0.13.5d
    Gallery: cm3g21e
    Cheat: 5mt9rtz
  • v0.15.0a
    Gallery: ds31ij
    Cheat: bc1tc6
  • v0.15.0b
    Gallery: y23IKlO13
    Cheat: l051huw6gd
  • 0.15.0d (Don’t bother trying they are 1 letter too long)
    Gallery: WhRj0klxaq1
    Cheat: Oj1iebIGk35
  • v0.15.0e
    Gallery: 4utlvem
    Cheat: k7je82f


SexNote Cheat Codes FAQs

Where Can I Find the codes for the Latest Version?

We will add the codes for the new version the first time and you can also get the new codes via DEV’s Patreon.

What Do the Cheat Codes do?

Let you change your relation levels (in the book) and your magic levels.

What Do the Gallery Codes do?

Let you unlock all galleries instantly.

Where to Enter the Gallery / Cheat Code?

Your little SexNote diary top right screen. Flip the pages all the way to the left and cheat mode is at bottom

How to Reset Gallery?

Browse to saves folder, find and delete persistent file.


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