Taffy Tales: All Cheat Codes (V1.07.3 Updated)

Here are all the cheat codes in the game for you. Including save codes, cheat codes, and passwords you may looking for.

Updated in February 2024 | We check for the new codes


Taffy Tales All Codes

Here is a full list of all the save codes and cheat codes I collected online, in case you cannot find them.

Save codes will allow you to start your game at the end of the last update, and cheat codes will help you max money and stats and skip the annoying minigame. Please make sure to enter the right name for your character.

Codes for V1.07.3

  • Save code: ariona (New!)
  • Cheat code: theora (New!)
  • Code for Tiffany’s box: 06310

Codes for V0.89.8a

  • Save code: ocusar
  • Cheat: dilder

Codes for V0.82.4a

  • Save code:
  • Cheat code: adbcbe

Codes for V0.68.2a

  • Save code: qmsaeg
  • Cheat code: ozllpw

Codes for V0.47.5a

  • Save code: euueiu
  • Cheat code: arnmcq

Codes for V0.22.0a

  • Save code: gnkdoxbe
  • Cheat code: qcjvhfli

Codes for V0.17.0a

  • Save code: olympu
  • Cheat code: urkiep

Codes for V0.14.3a

  • Save code: alvnkw
  • Cheat code: ymuyno

Codes for V0.11.2a

  • Cheat code: hukcdw

Codes for V0.9.2a

  • Cheat code: iqikux

Codes for V0.8.1

  • Cheat code: qoBOyr

Codes for V0.7.1a

  • Cheat code: erPUrA

Note: All codes are case-sensitive, so you should enter them accurately.


Where to Enter the Codes?

Open up the settings menu you will see the cheat code entry box.


Notes for Using the Cheat Codes

  • For v0.95.7 (Season 5) – you can enter the cheat code from the previous version, v0.89.8, but it does not unlock any gallery option or change any stats, the game starts at new content automatically. In the Main Route, fap in the bathroom for cash until you get $160. In the Netorare (NTR) Route, fap the one time the task list tells you. That’s it.
  • For v0.89.8 and before – It also unlocks the reworked gallery. If you are starting a new game — after you gain control of the MC, click on the phone icon in the upper right corner. Then select “settings” and enter the cheat code there. If you are loading the included save at new content in slot 1-1, enter it in when loading that save for the first time.


Passwords You May Need While Playing the Game

The passwords won’t change along with the game version.

  • Tiffany’s computer password: RedQueen
  • Beatrix laptop password: KittenSickSadism


That’s all the cheats and password guide for Taffy Tales. Also, we provide you with a list of similar guides like Princess & Conquest Cheat CodesMythic Manor Cheat Codes, and Business of Loving Cheats Guide, and we will update the latest codes frequently.

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