System Shock: All Skull Locations

A small guide to show where the well hidden skulls are.


Spoiler Alert!!!



Next to the little heart to the west. you‘re going to need luck or the v3 boots


In the door to the left of the respawn point. It’s in the ducts. (v2 boots required)


From the reactor/maintenance elevator take a left and head to the end of the hall, enter the door to the left with the radiation symbol in the south side of the room theirs a hole in the roof. (use the v3 boots)


After gaining access to the outskirts of maintenance go to the bottom maze and use the v2 boots float up to the hole in the roof (I found jumping on the ledge I’m aiming at can give you enough leverage)


From the elevator take your first right and go down the ramp. Immediately to your right there is a stack of boxes. using the v2 turbo-motion boots climb the boxes and hover up to the small door near the roof (note: you will need to crouch to enter)

Flight deck

Make your way to the section below and using the v2 boots climb on the shuttle and over to a small gap in the railing, to the left on the catwalk is a door with the skull inside


After gaining access to the beta door in the central section turn right to the long hallway then turn to the first door on the right. There is a small hole in the roof where the skull is hiding


head to the spire of crossroads shown below, its on the roof south-side


Across from the entrance to the bridge at the top of the spire in a little out-grove (south-east)

(Credit to Unknown Soldier)


in the west armory across from the plasma gun upgrade
(I didn’t get a screenshot but will try to on my next run)
If you find any skulls not listed above leave a comment and i will add it
(credit to TrueKazah)

Thanks to Koth_Ness for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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