Hi-Fi RUSH: 100% Achievements Guide

A list of all the achievements and how to get them.



This game was really fun so I decided to make a 100% achievement guide. This is my first time making a guide and if there’s anything wrong with it please let me know in the comments below. There are a couple ones I don’t have images for yet but maybe i’ll add them in later.

  • Achievements: 61
  • Difficulty Achievements: 7
  • Story Achievements: 8
  • Grind Achievements: 10
  • Shop/Upgrade Achievements: 9
  • Assist Achievements: 10
  • Miscellaneous Achievements Pt.1: 8
  • Miscellaneous Achievements Pt.2: 5
  • End Game Achievements: 4

[BASE] – Hideout specific ones.
[DIFFICULTY] – The difficulty of the game.
[STORY] – Story Only usually unmissable.
[GRIND] – Requiring to spend time on doing a certain action multiple times.
[FIND] – Looking around every corner for a certain thing or finding a secret.
[UPG] – Upgrades that can be found in the levels or purchased through the shop for Gears.
[SHOP] – Can only be achieved by making purchases through the shop with Gears you find in every level.
[ASSIST] – Assist focused combat.
[END] – End game content.


This game has no missable achievements since you can just select the levels again, though it does require multiple playthroughs because of the difficulties and requires you to backtrack anyway for other missed content.

I recommend starting on either Normal or Hard if you can’t get used to the feeling right away and you will get upgrades later so it makes the other difficulties easier. Also I used Easy difficulty for getting those no-hit boss runs, but you can play any difficulty you desire since later you’ll unlock level select.
(One of them is a unlock which requires you to beat the game.)

One of the achievements require you to complete the Wall of Fame (The big board at the hangout.) It’s basically your in-game achievements that give you rewards and some of these are tied to steam achievements. Most of them are finding stuff or just doing the same action for X amount of times. So it’s a good idea to check your Wall of Fame on what you are missing.

Difficulty Achievements

There are 4 difficulties you can start with and 1 that you unlock after beating the game once. I would rather start on Normal or Hard for the first playthrough, so I can use Easy to easily clear the other Wall of Fame stuff without having problems. But play whatever difficulty you would like to experience. The higher the difficulty, the more damage the enemies will do to you and the tighter the windows to execute the beats for combos. After beating the game, you can select any stage or difficulty you would like to replay.
Remember to clear each stage in its respective difficulty for the achievement.

[DIFFICULTY] Easy Listening
Finish the game completing every level on the Easy difficulty.

[DIFFICULTY] Well that was a rush!
Finish the game and complete every level on the Normal difficulty.

[DIFFICULTY] I think I deserve some praise, here!
Finish the game and complete every level on the Hard difficulty.

[DIFFICULTY] And the crowd goes wild!
Finish the game and complete every level on the Very Hard difficulty.

[DIFFICULTY] Didn’t skip a beat!
Finish the game and complete every level on the Rhythm Master difficulty.

The only way to unlock this is to beat the game. Not only is this hardest difficulty, you also have to keep your Rhythm Meter above D or else you die.

These next two can be done on any difficulty.

[DIFFICULTY] I hit things with a guitar really well.
Finish a stage with a S rank for every Chorus. (Any difficulty.)

[DIFFICULTY] I’m untouchable!
Finish a stage without taking any damage. (Any difficulty.)

Tip: You can save scum these if you really want. I completed both of these on Track 6 because it was short and simple but you can pick any and the method would still work.

Story Achievements

These are self-explanatory.

[STORY] Start with a bang!
Defeat QA-1MIL in Track 1.

[STORY] Does that say weakpoint?
Destroy QA-1MIL’s face, revealing its shame.

When QA-1MIL attacks with it’s hands, it will sit there for a bit after the attack goes through. Smack the hands and it will eventually open up, which will allow you to follow up with a rhythm attack. Do this with both hands and you will get this achievement.

(You might obtain this while fighting QA-1MIL so that’s why I tagged this with Story.)

[STORY] Cream of the Crop
Defeat Rekka in Track 2.

[STORY] This will cost you big time
Defeat Zanzo in Track 4.

[STORY] The Negotiator
Defeat Korsica in Track 7.

[STORY] Headliner
Defeat Mimosa in Track 9.

[STORY] Time to pay up!
Defeat Roquefort in Track 11.

[STORY] Who’s the boss now?
Defeat Kale in Track 12.

Grind Achievements

All of these are grind achievements. You will probably get several of them after beating the game once and all of them when you finish the difficulty related ones.

[GRIND] Feeling the beat!
Land 20 beat-hit attacks on enemies.

Beat-hits appear at the end of a successful combo. You have to time the circles to overlap to complete a beat hit. You can either hit the light or medium attack to finish the beat-hit.

[GRIND] Beat-hit mania
Land 500 beat-hit attacks on enemies.

[GRIND] Uh, they were broken when I got here
Destroy 200 Vandelay security robots.

[GRIND] That’s a lot of junk metal…
Destroy 500 Vandelay security robots.

[GRIND] OK, well THEY came after ME!
Destroy 1000 Vandelay security robots.

[GRIND] Perfect Parry
Sucessfully parry with perfect timing 15 times.

You will obtain the ability to parry in Track 3. Getting Directional Parry would help later since it gives you i-frames with certain chips.

[GRIND] Perfecter Parry-er!
Sucessfully parry with perfect timing 200 times.

[GRIND] Alright, that felt AWESOME!
Defeated your first enemy with a Rhythm Parry Attack.

[GRIND] I saw all those hits coming a measure away!
Perfectly parry every non-boss enemy’s Rhythm Parry attack.

Rhythm Parry Attacks are those attacks from big enemies that knock you down and require you to parry their blows. Do this on every enemy that’s not a non-boss and this will unlock.

[GRIND] Kissing the sky!
Perform 50 Aerial Raves.

Shop/Upgrade Achievements
This is a list of achievements that can be obtained through upgrades found on almost every level or by using the shop.

[SHOP] Thanks for the free chip, Peppermint!
Purchase and equip your first upgrade chip.

Chips are extremely useful and getting that max unlock will allow a lot of customization. You unlock them around Track 2. You also need to find Broken Armstrong Circuits to be able to purchase them in the shop. They are not required to upgrade your chips, but does cost more Gears.

[SHOP] Chip-tuned
Increase your chip slots to the maximum capacity.

You can buy these upgrades with gears in the shop.

[SHOP] I play my own way!
Purchase and equip your first Special Attack.

[UPG] Whoa! There’s ANOTHER health bar!?
Increase your health to where you unlock a second tier.

[UPG] I think that’s enough health for now
Fully upgrade your health bar by collecting all Life Gauges.

[UPG] Fully Powered Up!
Fully upgrade your Reverb Gauge to the maximum.

You can find Health and Reverb upgrades across most of the Tracks and are also available in the buy them at the shop.

[SHOP] I look cool. But I can look COOLER.
Equip any costume.

You unlock the ability to change Chai’s and everyone else clothes after beating the game by talking to CNMN. You first have to buy these outfits or unlock them through Wall of Fame. Then, simply change anyone’s outfit to unlock this.

[SHOP] Check out my moves!
Purchase every combo and partner attack.

[SHOP] OK, I THINK I know what I’m doing now
Successfully pull off every combo and attack in the Training Room.

You need to buy every attack move that’s available for all characters for the first achievement. Then, go to the menu and do every single combo in the combo list. The second achievement should pop once you clear everything.
Note: You don’t need to purchase the special moves. Just Chai’s and the gangs Jam/Parry/Charge moves. Below is all of the moves you need.

Harmonic Beam
Compressor Slam
Staccato Launch
Gain Tornado
Quick Beat Hit
Steal Counter
Magnet Backstab
Air Parry
Directional Parry

Switch Kicker
Master Blaster
Cannon Spike
Kick Shot

Double Bass Drop
High Strung
Gravity Well
Love Tap

High Security Risk
Tornado Lift
High Alert

Assist Achievements

Near the beginning of the game, you will unlock the ability to call members from Chai’s crew to come assist him. Ranging from hitting switches to attacking the bots to even using them as a finisher for your beat combo. Over the course of the game, including Peppermint, there will be 2 more joining in totaling up to 3 assists. Each member will have 2 Jam Combos (Ground and Air) and 1 Parry Counter but you need to purchase these first from the shop to use them.



Calling in Peppermint will give the ability to break any BLUE barrier.
You unlock her on Track 2.

[ASSIST] You got this, Peppermint?
Destroy 10 barriers by calling in Peppermint.

[ASSIST] You must like calling me in, Chai
Destroy 50 barriers by calling in Peppermint.


Calling in Macaron will allow you to break any Z-Shielding walls and break enemies shields.
You unlock him on Track 4.

[ASSIST] Z-shielding’s got nothing on us!
Shatter 10 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.

[ASSIST] I think I found your calling, Macaron
Shatter 50 enemy shields by calling in Macaron.

Calling in  will allow you to put out any flames and power up generators.
Unlocked at

[ASSIST] Out in a puff of smoke

[ASSIST] This is a breeze!


[ASSIST] We’re Jammin’
Successfully pull off 20 Jam Combos.

Instead of ending your beat combos with light or medium, use the assist button instead to trigger a Jam ComboYou must have 1 reverb bar or it won’t go through.

[ASSIST] I’m not done with you yet
Overkill 20 enemies.

Overkill is achieved when you finish off a enemy with Jam Combo.

[ASSIST] First we parry, then we counter
Perform 20 parry counters using any partner.

After a successful parry, you can follow up by timing at the right moment with the assist button triggering a counter with your partner.

[ASSIST] Now this is how you fight like a team!
Perform 100 parry counters using any partner.

Miscellaneous Achievements Pt.1

These are all the achievements that don’t fit in any of the categories I listed. Most of them want you to do a certain thing on a certain stage or collect something…and then there’s the one that requires you to find every Vandeley Vlog….

[BASE] You can pet the cat!
Play with 808 in the hideout.

You can get this by choosing the “Play with 808” option on the couch in the hideout.

[FIND] Who put gears in there?
Destroyed your first golden statue of Kale.

These statues are hidden throughout the level and all you need to do is smack the crap outta it. The first one can be found in Track 2 after getting to the part where you grapple 3 times and go into a vent. It’s hard to miss but i’ll put a image anyway.

Some other Kale statue locations:

  • Track 2:
  • R&D at the right of the entrance.
  • Track 4:
  • After the 2nd AI room, it’s behind a lava waterfall.
  • Track 5:
  • After you ride the first elevator down, climb up to the right and open the locked door. It should be in the back
  • On your way to node 01, there will be retractable stairs. When you get to top, turn around and grapple.
  • After node 03 has been activated. Go left onto the floating platforms and you can already see it.

[FIND] There’s such a thing as TOO helpful
Find and engage with every Smidge, while completing all of his practice tips.

All you need to do is talk to Smidge when he appears. Most of it is all in the beginning and you really can’t miss him since he’s usually on the path you are going. The one on Track 10 doesn’t count.

[STAGE] You ever parry a volcano?
Successfully parry a volcanic rock outside of research and development.

You can get this on Track 3 or 4.

[BASE] Wanna hear my playlist?
Change the background music in the hideout.

Finish the game to unlock this. There will be a jukebox that needs golden tickets and all you need to do is buy any track and play it.

[STAGE] With our powers combined…and to the rhythm…
Perfectly time your take down of your largest foe yet in a musical finale.

You can get this on Track 11. There will be a rhythm event that pops up and you just have to not miss any of the beats that show up.

[STAGE] I told you I’d be fine, Peppermint!
Complete the ride through production on the transit rail without taking damage.

This is on Track 2. There will be a rail section where you use your magnet to ride on it and dodge incoming obstacles. Just don’t get hit and this will pop.
Note: If you do get hit, just back out and load back in. It should start you at the beginning of the section again.

[FIND] I am a good person who likes to help
Help out 3 Vandelay robots with their pressing issues.

This has us doing 3 side quests and upon completion will unlock the achievement.

Side Mission 1

The first one is on Track 2. There should be a small cleaning robot that will ask you to shoot 3 pigeons.

Side Mission 2

The second one is on Track 5. It requires us to find 10 comic boxes and destroy them.

#1 This one is below where you enter the big node room. You can take the rotating circle platforms to get down.

#2 In the middle of the big node room, there are boxes that you can use to climb up.

#3 On your way to your first node, there will be a locked door on the side. Open it and it should be on your left.

#4 When you exit after finishing the first node, climb the boxes on the side to get on top of the glass.

#5 On your way to node 01, there will be retractable stairs. Go up them then turn around and grapple.

#6 In room node 03, it will be behind the node at the top.

#7 Clear node 03 and walk out. Don’t take the elevator, instead go left on the platforms.

#8 It will be on route 01 behind a door that can be broken with Macaron.

#9 Go outside of the entrance to node 01, then go left. There should be a door and inside there should be a generator.

#10 Leave room 01 through the vents and get pass the first lasers. Don’t jump down, instead jump back up and go left and it will be there.

Side Mission 3

The last one is on Track 8. Run all the way to the front and find a SCR-UB unit cleaning. Talk to it and it will ask for a golden can. Run all the way back to the front with the globe statue in middle and find this trash can.

Miscellaneous Achievements Pt.2

Continuing on…

[FIND] Have we met before?
Find Vandelay HR’s investigator and hear all of its monologues.

You can find him monologuing in these stages.

  • Track 1: (Must beat the game) When you pass the Smidge bot and walk up pipes turn around and use Peppermint to break the barrier.
  • Track 2: Before entering the boss room you will see him looking at a wall.
  • Track 3: After finishing the first test chamber turn right and you will see him.
  • Track 4: Will be hidden behind a lava waterfall.
  • Track 5: A image and explanation was provided earlier on Side Mission 2, Box 10.
  • Track 7: After taking a jump pad the room you enter has platforms that you use to climb up and find the HR again.
  • Track 8: When you drop down from fighting the bots the HR will be on the side.
  • Track 10: Hopping off the rail there will be a switch you need to activate with Peppermint. On the left side, jump down to find him taking a break.

This was… not what I expected.
Have “The Artist” decorate your hideout.

You have to collect all the graffiti to unlock this. Might add pictures later.

[FIND] I’m trying to FOCUS HERE!
Find and shoot down every hovering announcement drone.

Whenever you see a hovering drone shoot it down with Peppermint. I’m not sure how many there are per Track but I will update this with info when I get it.

[FIND] I have to read these things?
Find and read half of the Vandelay Vlogs on the campus.

[FIND] I have to read ALL of these things?
Find and read every Vandelay Vlog on the campus.

I may or may not update this with all the locations. For now this is the same as the drone achievement. I’ll update it when I get the chance.

End Game Achievements

These are achievements that are unlocked from the extra content you get from beating the game.

[END] My Ultimate Setlist
Complete all the floors in the Rhythm Tower.

[END] Problem solved… wait, what?
Discover the deeper mystery behind the SPECTRA doors on campus.

I won’t be showing images of where each SPECTRA door is since there are already available guides that have this info. Instead I’ll just put the list of where each door is at.

  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Track 4
  • Track 5
  • Track 7
  • Track 8
  • Track 10

[END] I can’t see this ever being a problem again
Solve the problem once and for all in an epic battle.

After completing the first 8 spectra doors, there will be another 8. You can access these by talking to Peppermint. After clearing them a door will open…prepare for the hardest boss in the game!

[END] What a journey it was…
Complete the Wall of Fame in the hideout.

The in-game 100% achievement. You have to do all of the challenges and will require you to do A LOT like S ranking every Track on every difficulty.

Thanks to Sterlitizia for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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