SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake: All Gold Coins

Half of the achievements are awarded for killing jellies in different ways, and the rest for collecting all collectibles.
You must collect all collectibles and complete all side quests in Bikini Bottom to 100% complete the game. You will receive one coin for completing each side quest. For collecting all collectibles you will receive half of the achievements. For collecting coins you get access to new costumes, costumes are bought for currency. It is unable to collect all collectibles in one playthrough, after the first playthrough of the storyline you must rerun all locations and collect all remaining collectibles. Or you can not collect anything during the first playthrough and return to collecting everything just after the completion of the storyline.

Challenges – platforming in time or destroying all jellies in time. If you complete everything in time, you’ll get a coin.
In the guide, the description of the route to the item is written from the fast travel point. The collection sequence is described as you progress through the location during the story. You can use the fast travel to navigate. The fast travel points are shown in the guide.

The guide is not finished yet. I don’t have much time for the guide/game at this moment. I will try to complete the guide this week.

  • Yellow text – gold coin;
  • Green text – Plankton’s side quest;
  • White text – collectibles from the other side quests.


Wild West Jellyfish Fields

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Karate Downtown

Pirate Goo Lagoon

Prehistoric Kelp Forest

[Hot Objects] Stalactite Cave location. Follow the left side.

[Hot Objects] Algae Jungle location. On one of the jumper pads, to the checkpoint.

[Coin] Algae Jungle location. Button in a huge log in the lava.

[Coin] Sleeping Dorudon location. To the left of the giant whale on the rock is the button to activate the test.

[Hot Objects]Volcano Slide location. During the slide, jump on the left jump-pad. You cannot take the next gold coin, you need to slide again.

[Coin] Volcano Slide location. While sliding, jump on the jump-pad on the right. You cannot take the previous item, you need to slide again.

[Hot Objects]Lava Cave location. Unmissable.

[Hot Objects]Lava Cave location. When you start rolling the stone, look to the left and you will see an item. You can get to it when the lava comes up.

[Hot Objects] Lava Cave location. From the previous item roll on to the next lava throw, then use the lava to get to the item.

[Coin] Cave Painting Cave location. To the right of the door is the passageway to the coin.

[Spot] Cave Painting Cave location. Near checkpoint.

Medieval Sulfur Fields

[Coin] Cloud Slide location. During slide change slide on right way. When you get to the jumping through the fire rings, turn right and use the lasso to go around the tower from the other side.

[Coin] Garden Maze location. There’s a button to the left of the fountain. Destroy all the enemies.
Garden Maze location. Go through the archway behind the fountain and then turn right.

[Coin] Garden Maze location. Go through the archway behind the fountain and then into another archway. Turn right at the crossroads and you will see a jelly that has blocked the passage. Next to the pressure plate with a vacuum cleaner, use the vacuum cleaner to clear your route to the coin. The coin will be behind the very last jelly blocking the passage. There are a total of 6 jellies that block the passage.

[Poison Ingredient] Castle Courtyard location. On the porch of Blacksmitch.

[Poison Ingredient] Castle Courtyard location. Go down to the water under the wooden bridge Potion Ingredient.

[Coin] Castle Courtyard location. Go down to the water and jump on the rock to activate the challenge. It is necessary to destroy all the barrels.

[Poison Ingredient] Bard Audition location. Unmissable.

[Coin] Bard Audition location. In the far corner of the entrance is a button to activate challenge.

[Coin] Bard Audition location. In the opposite corner from the previous coin there are retractable platforms. Use them to get on the wall and follow the wall to the center of the castle. There will be a button to activate the challenge.

[Coin] Dormitory Hall location. Climb up to the supporting wooden beams. There will be a coin on the roof with the last bed, but you can only get to it with the wooden support beams. The correct support beam is marked with a red cloth (the very first support beam is also marked with a red cloth).

[Poison Ingredient] Dormitory Hall location. On the other side, to the right of the exit on one of the support beams.

[Coin] Castle Courtyard location. Get out of the castle. During the race you must jump from one scaffolding to another.

[Coin] Twitchy’s Cottage location. Go down and pick up the vacuum cleaner on the right, then move clockwise to the left. On the left you will see a passageway blocked by jelly. The passageway is near the stump with the pressure plate. After activating the second pressure plate, go to another blocked jelly passage behind it will be a coin.

[Coin] Twitchy’s Cottage location. From the first pressure plate on the tree for the last coin, continue to go clockwise. It is necessary to climb the rock in the center of the location. After climbing, look to your left. There will be a coin, first reach the nearest ledge, and from there on the wooden bridge go to the ledge with the coin.

[Poison Ingredient] Twitchy’s Cottage location. Unmissable.

[Coin] Meanderson River location. Follow the stumps to the left island. On this island by the platforms on top, jump down. You will fall down the gorge, blow the passage in the gorge and find a coin.

[Poison Ingredient] Meanderson River location. In front of the waterfall, on the right side of the rock. Before you get to the other side.

[Spot] Meanderson River location. After you get to the other side of the waterfall. Climb up the left side. At the top near the button, turn in the opposite side and go through the air to the ledge in the rock on the other side of the waterfall.

[Poison Ingredient] After you get to the other side of the waterfall. Go through the log on the right. On the right you will see a ledge in the wall on which the Gold Spatula is located.

Halloween Rock Bottom

Jelly Glove World

Bikini Bottom

Opposite Sponge Bob’s house, on the rocks of the Golden Spatula.
Side quests:

  • Squidward – collect all Refreshment in Jellyfish Field;
  • Nurse – collect all Fortune Cookies in Karate Downtown;
  • Mr. Krabs – collect all Lost Pennies in Pirate Goo Lagoon;
  • Sandy – collect all Hot Objects in Prehistoric Kelp Forest;
  • Twitchy – collect all Potion Ingredient in Medieval Sulfur Fields. Then bring it to Twitchy at “Twitchy’s Cottage” in Medieval Sulfur Fields. After that you can return to Bikini Bottom and save Gary. You will receive a coin for saving Gary;
  • Mrs. Puff – collect all Good Noodle Stars in Halloween Rock Bottom;
  • Plankton – find Spot at every worlds;
  • Patrick – collect all Sticky Notes in Bikini Bottom:
    1. Behind Squidward’s house the button.
    2. Behind Sponge Bob’s house is a broken ship. First, press the 3 buttons to trigger the slingshot. Then use the slingshot to jump onto the deck of the broken ship and kill all enemies.
    3. Behind Sponge Bob’s house is a statue of a snail. Next to this statue is a vacuum cleaner and a jump pad. Grab the vacuum cleaner and jump on top. There destroy all the enemies.
    4. Mrs.Puff’s Boating School location. Get to the top of the lighthouse.
    5. Krusty Krab location. On left of Krusty Crab is a button press it for platforms appears.
    6. Krusty Krab location. There is a button to the left of Krusty Crab, press it and complete the challenge.
    7. On the roof of Chum Bucket. You can get there with the slingshot at SpongeBob’s house. Complete challenge.
    8. At Sandy’s house, activate the button and go upstairs. Kill all the enemies at the top.
    9. At Mr. Krab’s house you will find a seahorse. Get on it and ride through the archway to begin the challenge.

Thanks to blank for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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