Cattails: Wildwood Story – Power Paw Completion Guide

This is the complete guide to finding all Power Paws in Cattails: Wildwood Story. Whether you’re looking to get a headstart on a new save or need to track down that last pesky token, this guide is for you!


Wildwood Gridded Map

This guide refers to a map of the Wildwood that is presented as a 7X7 grid, with each tile corresponding to a separate map area. The X axis is labeled alphabetically from West to East, and the Y axis is labeled numerically from North to South.

Thus the coordinates for the Festival Plaza are “D3”. For ease of reference, this guide will use both the grid coordinates and region names to refer to any given area.

Types of Power Paws

Cattails: Wildwood Story has six different types of Power Paws:

Red Power Paws are by far the most common in the game, each increasing the player’s health by 2 hit points (1 heart). There are 12 in total.

Yellow Power Paws slightly increase the player’s running speed. There are 3 in total.

Green Power Paws increase the player’s luck, making rare and legendary spawns (including prey, insects, and plants) happen more frequently. There are 3 in total.

Blue Power Paws increase the size of the player’s hunger bar, allowing them to eat more and go longer without food. There are 5 in total.

Purple Power Paws increase a player’s “social graces”, allowing them to increase friendship levels with other cats more quickly. There are 3 in total.

Multicolor Power Paws are the rarest in the game, and allow the player to charge attacks more quickly. There are 2 in total.

Where to Find Power Paws

Note: These Power Paws are listed numerically as they appear on the Power Paws section of the Collections menu.

Power Paw 1 (Red): Descend to Lv 50 in the First Mine

Power Paw 2 (Red): Descend to Lv 50 in the Second Mine

Power Paw 3 (Red): Descend to Lv 50 in the Third Mine

Power Paw 4 (Red): Visit the Seasonal Carving at C3 (Birch Holt) during Summer and complete its challenge

Power Paw 5 (Red): Complete the puzzle at F3 (South Foothills) by stepping on all paw-shaped tiles

Power Paw 6 (Red): Complete the puzzle at D3 (Festival Plaza) by stepping on all paw-shaped tiles

Power Paw 7 (Red): Break the paw-printed rock at E5 (Badlands Maze)

Power Paw 8 (Red): Complete the puzzle at A6 (Swamp North) by stepping on all paw-shaped tiles

Power Paw 9 (Red): Purchase from Ember’s Emporium for 900 Mews

Power Paw 10 (Red): Break the paw-printed stump at A1 (Old Farm)

Power Paw 11 (Red): Break the paw-printed stump at G1 (Mountain Summit)

Power Paw 12 (Red): Break the paw-printed stump at E2 (Meadow Outskirts)

Power Paw 13 (Yellow): Break the paw-printed rock at A7 (Swamp Corner)

Power Paw 14 (Yellow): Visit the Seasonal Carving at E4 (East Central) during Spring and complete its challenge

Power Paw 15 (Yellow): Purchase from the Task Board Shop for 12 Task Tokens

Power Paw 16 (Green): Descend to Lv 100 in the Second Mine

Power Paw 17 (Green): Descend to Lv 100 in the Third Mine

Power Paw 18 (Green): Purchase from the Festival Prize Shop for 18 festival tokens

Power Paw 19 (Blue): Break the paw-printed rock at G7 (Caldera)

Power Paw 20 (Blue): Visit the Seasonal Carving at B7 (Wetland Estuary) during Winter and complete its challenge

Power Paw 21 (Blue): Complete the puzzle at A4 (Staunch Stones) by stepping on all paw-shaped tiles

Power Paw 22 (Blue): Break the paw-printed stump at G5 (Northern Wastes)

Power Paw 23 (Blue): Purchase from Molo’s Mole Cash Shop for 1000 Mole Cash

Power Paw 24 (Purple): Visit the Seasonal Carving at G3 (East Foothills) during Autumn and complete its challenge

Power Paw 25 (Purple): Break the paw-printed rock at C6 (Crater)

Power Paw 26 (purple): Complete the puzzle at D1 (Blossoming Field) by stepping on all paw-shaped tiles

Power Paw 27 (Multicolor): Descend to Lv 100 in the First Mine

Power Paw 28 (Multicolor): Donate all curios to Glimmer’s Museum of Curiosities

Thanks to AlbatrossThePenChewer for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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