Killer Frequency: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to help Forest Nash get every achievement in Killer Frequency.



Most of these I wont be explaining because you can just try again if you fail to save the caller.
They are In order

A Shocking Turn of Events
Deputy Martinez survived The Whistling Man #1

Keep Talking and Nobody Dies
Sandra Sharpe survived The Whistling Man #2

Game Over
Maurice Russell survived The Whistling Man #3

Somebody Order a Savior?
Virginia Sullivan survived The Whistling Man #4

Child of the Corn Maze
Eugene Stine survived The Whistling Man #5

For Fernando!
Murphy survived The Whistling Man #6

Not So Stupid Teens
All Teens (except Jimmy) survived The Whistling Man #7
Jimmy can’t be saved. For the friendship quiz, the answer wont always be 100% obvious

Let Me In
Gain access to the station after being locked out #8
Get one of each fuse so that the numbers on the fuses add up to 70. Like this.

An Explosive Escape
Chuck Brody survived The Whistling Man #9

From Beyond The Grave
Uncovered Clive’s Research #10

An Alarming Development
Roller Ricky survived The Whistling Man #11
When Dawn asks for the code, give her the one that sets off the alarm, (otherwise Maxy dies )

Jason Lives
Jason Parker survived The Whistling Man #12

Let There Be Light
Restore power to the station after the blackout #13
Go down to the storage room in the basement where all those recordings where and hit the button in the back of it (near the last recording)

Took a Swing for Teddy Gallows
Teddy Gallows Jr survived The Whistling Man #14
When Marie says “This is where we first met” say the high school gym, otherwise Teddy will call you an Idiot and tell you where he is, he will then be killed.

A Tale of Two Sisters
Peggy Weaver survived The Whistling Man #15
Convince Marie not to kill her

The Man, The Myth, The Scream
Forrest Nash survived The Whistling Man #16
Don’t make fun of the deaths the entire time, and do a good job of interviewing The Whistling Man

Not All Talk
Save all Whistling Man Targets #17
This happens if you do everything right and save everyone (except Jimmy)

The End?
Reach the end of Whistling Night #18
Its the end

“Find/Do All of _____”

Complete Discography
Collect all hidden records around the station
The locations are shown

Disc Jockey
Play all records (including the ones shown above) during the course of the night

Master of Unlocking
Unlock all doors in the station
This one happens naturally when you go through the game

A Word from our Sponsors
Play all radio ads during the course of the night
Let each one play in full (Don’t forget the one in the office, location shown below) The Master Robbie ad goes longer than you might have expected.

Other Achievements

Dead Air
Don’t respond when prompted for 30 seconds

Sound Blaster Master
Play a sound on the soundboard during a call

Killer Frequently
Nobody survives The Whistling Man
Really suck at your job

Forrest Dash
Finish the game in under 4 hours with all callers surviving

Fridge Horror
Place the mannequin head into the fridge
the mannequin head is in Clive’s weird room behind the storage cabinet, Fridge is in the break room

Thanks to Dr. Doofenshmirtz for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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