BloodLust 2 Nemesis: Tips for New Players

If you are noobies for BloodLust 2 Nemesis game, Here’s a couple tips that may help you. if you have any problems. please let me know. 1) Remember that investing in Vitality increases your Max Health (going up against Giggler with less than 200 max health is going to be difficult unless you are using … Read more

BloodLust 2 Nemesis: Rare Card Mechanism

A short and simple Guide on how the Legendary Cards are used. Rare Card Crafting Mechanism Welcome to this short Guide on how to use these Rare Drops. There are a total of three different Cards in the game that can drop randomly while playing the game, you can find these on chests, crates or … Read more

BloodLust 2 Nemesis: How to Craft

This is a short list of all the available crafting material in BloodLust 2: Nemesis, and how to craft new items with them.   Crafting Materials Empty Beer Bottle/Empty Bottle Poison Extract Venom Sack Snake Scale Cockroach Maggot Gun Powder Shell Casing Pipe Piece Bomb Timer Orb Ember Zombie Heart Rat Eye (Red Gem) Monkey … Read more