BloodLust 2 Nemesis: Tips for New Players

If you are noobies for BloodLust 2 Nemesis game, Here’s a couple tips that may help you. if you have any problems. please let me know.

1) Remember that investing in Vitality increases your Max Health (going up against Giggler with less than 200 max health is going to be difficult unless you are using range skills/weapon)

2) Equipment items with good Armor can increase ability to absorb physical damage (increase resistances to absorb other types of damage) It’s important that you make sure you are always looking for better items to equip.

3) Increase your BITE skill to allow yourself to have more minions (they kick butt against low-level enemies – and can be leveled up to make them more powerful against stronger enemies)

4) Don’t try to only use your weapon for combat! Get a good combat skill… something you can “right”-click spam along with your melee weapon… Such as “Poison Slam” or “Poison Rain” or “Spirit Strike” – it will make the game much easier than just trying to use your melee weapon only.

5) Level 1 Disarm skill will still only disarm 24% of trapped containers (but scrolls and some other items will never be destroyed so it may be worth it to disarm fail/bash them anyway)

6) Try to find a Spike Shield… since it actually adds to your DAMAGE rather than armor, increasing your attack damage significantly.

7) Snake scale, poison extract and a bottle can make a potion to prevent Spiritforce drain helping you against boss monsters. (of course you have to find an alchemy table to mix)

8) Some players don’t like to even touch the mine-sweeper puzzle trapped container after they get killed a couple times… but did you know… They are more likely to contain “identify scrolls” The puzzle is actually very easy once you know what to do. Keep trying… you will figure it out.

9) Press J for journal if you are ever lost or not sure what to do.

10) Trying to use intimidate skill on a guard that is close or already sees you will be difficult since they will probably interrupt the skill (you can stand far away and use Intimidate skill)

That some containers are more likely to contain particular items. For Example: If you need Identify scrolls check inside puzzle boxes and puzzle bottles.

Merchants are only interested in valuable items (magic, rare, legendary) and rarely interested in garbage equipment. However there are some items that can turn regular White items into magic, rare and legendary items.

Have an item that you want to use but it has high requirements? DON’T THROW IT AWAY! Rather try to find a Servant stone and combine it on a Alchemy table to reduce the requirements by up to 30% (you can use multiple servants stones to reduce it even more until you can use it)

By WRF Studios

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