BloodLust 2 Nemesis: Rare Card Mechanism

A short and simple Guide on how the Legendary Cards are used.

Rare Card Crafting Mechanism

Welcome to this short Guide on how to use these Rare Drops.
There are a total of three different Cards in the game that can drop randomly while playing the game, you can find these on chests, crates or they can drop by slaying enemy monsters. You can stack each specific Card into one pile.

The following cards are as follows:

Skilled Slayer

“Train with experts to gain a new Skill”

If you collect five (5) of these Cards, pile them together and add them into your inventory, all you have to do is Right-Click the cards and it will consume them and you will recieve instantly a Skill Point. This Skill Point you can spend similarly on a specific Skill like when you Level Up.

Ghostly Talents

“Learn and train from ghosts of the past”

If you collect four (4) of these Cards, pile them together and add them into your inventory. Same as with Skilled Slayer, just Right-click the cards to consume them. However, instead of recieving a Skill Point you will recieve a Talent Point, then you can go to your Talent Tree and apply this Talent Point. These are very useful if you lack Intelligence and have a hard time collecting those Talent Points.

Mummy’s Treasure

“Decadence breeds Desire among the Mummy’s wares”

If you collect tree (3) of these Cards then pile them together like the other Cards and Right-click to consume them. This will instantly drop a Legendary Loot next to your character. It’s always 100 % random which Legendary item you get. Who doesn’t love a little surprise?

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