BloodLust 2 Nemesis: How to Get FOUND ALL BLOOD FRAGMENTS Achievement

Guide to getting the Achievement: FOUND ALL BLOOD FRAGMENTS!



Welcome to this Guide, here I will show you all the locations for the Blood Fragments in the game.

SPOILER WARNING: If you just started out your first playthrough maybe you should read this after you have finished the game once. There are 22 Blood Fragments scattered around the world of Bloodlust.

Skills you need to have to be able to find all the Blood Fragments:

Vampire Gaze level 2 (7 for Liqour Store maze)
Secret Sight 1 (very useful to find hidden levers)
Warp Level 1 (easier with Level 2 or 3 but not needed)

You also need a few lockpicks

All the hidden locations

Tutorial level, behind breakable wall + vampire gaze vent – 1 Blood Fragment
Sewer boss, (high level enemies), vampire gaze open hidden wall after boss – 1 Blood Fragment

Tattoo shop, vampire gaze open hidden wall – 1 Blood Fragment

Poker house, jump to open hidden wall + jump up in vents – 2 Blood Fragments
Tip: Jump on top of the boxes and then jump up on the vent

Snake sewer after Chinatown, behind breakable wall – 1 Blood Fragment

Mansion in snake sewer, vampire gaze hidden room + behind clock – 2 Blood Fragments

Zenchi restricted area, behind hidden wall – 1 Blood Fragment
(Downtown Hotel is Zenchi Hideout, enter restricted area in hotel)

Downtown, (need Warp level 1), 3 corners of the map over buildings – 3 Blood Fragments

Downtown, office, (vampire gaze level 2) – 1 Blood Fragment

Destroy the wooden planks in the hidden room and jump down

Liquore store, vampire gaze labyrinth – 1 Blood Fragment
Very long, you need level 7 of Vampire gaze.
Correct path, far right, far right, left.

Nightclub, right before Club Owner boss – 1 Blood Fragment

Vi Tao Sewers, vampire gaze – 1 Blood Fragments

Wesp Hideout, behind locked prison cell, corner of floor, behind locked door – 3 Blood Fragments

Wesp secret speedrun level – 1 Blood Fragment

Before final boss, stand on platform to open hidden wall – 1 Blood Fragment

Final boss area, vampire gaze or warp up to balcony to open secret door – 1 Blood Fragment

Secret Door behind Sage is open now.

Your reward for finding all the hidden Blood Fragments

Every Blood Fragment gives a small bonus when drinking elixirs.

After finding them all you will instantly gain 25 attribute points (same as 5 level ups).

You also unlock the hardest achievement in the game!


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